[News] Jurassic World Alive | Treasure Chase


Yeah I haven’t seen any in ages and when I did see them last it was always late at night. By morning they would be gone so I hardly ever had a chance to get them.

The chest system worked great when they first made it a thing but now it is friggin awful.


The next Treasure Chase event is live now…just got the in-game notification moments ago. Good luck, all!


Another game of work out the rules.

Can anyone see any?


Don’t seem to exist looking at the top teams ATM rofl


I see 2 from my work, but can’t get to them, but they do exist


Ugh, searching for chests again? I already search for dinos, but seriously, WHY are you encouraging us to drive around in a car over walking?


So I get 1 chest worth 2300 coins and they all disappear. What a freaking joke. At first coins were never a issue. I hardly paid any attention cuz I had so many. But Ludia went oh wait that’s another way we can suck money out of people on top of the already absurd cost of there Incubators and DNA. So now people like me that refuse to pay for anything over $10 and might spend that in a week can’t even get incubators becuz they have 20 F ing dinosaurs that need leveled up and have no coins. :microphone::fist_left:t2:


Why? Why have all the chests reset on the same day? My butt does not want to be waiting around for it to release just to have to leave the house every 6 hours in a 24 hr period to collect the most I can. At least have them available twice a day for two days or something. No one has that kind of time to dedicate to playing in a single 24hrs.


Dear Ludia I need more 4 times to collect the treasure case, my dinos need more coin for battle.
I have already get premium member to get more coin.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:


I seen one yesterday


Do you have to have coins for battle? I’m only on level 8


You need coins to evolve your dinos, at lower levels there seems to be a lot of coins, but when you are evolving high dinos like a level 20 to get a 21 (I’m saving coins for that now) it’ll take 50,000 coins, I need over 100,000 coins to evolve my team, spend your coins wisely, only spend on dinos you want to evolve x


So I should not try to evolve all of them… correct? No one has never told me that! So is there anything else I should know? I knew it was getting more expensive… coins going faster and faster!


If I could go back and do it again I would level up everything to 10 as the coin cost is low and you need the XP; then only level up the ones to 15 or 20 that need this level to generate a hybrid. That said some commons are useful at higher levels - my Stegosaurus is a Level 20 and was a mainstay of my team until recently.


Thanks for all your help!


Yes Mrs. Now my level at 11 and my dinos reach legendary.It’s very difficult to get 3500 thropy.Need more coin to level up legendary for competitive dinos :persevere:.Be wise to spend your coin.


I see treasure chest all the time and like a month or 3 weeks ago I could claim 4 in a day, but now the past week and a half when I try to claim my first box they all just disappear off of my map after just claiming that one.


Same once I finally incubated my Stegoceratops my Stegosaurus became a 2-attack pony that could still get the job done, but the Stegoceratops had 2 more moves and could stun my opponent’s dinosaurs. Also Stegoceratops’s health is a lot higher and can take 3-6 moves before it’s knocked out of battle.


Every Wednesday to Thursday is Treasure cast event it’s time for free coin almost 10000.why Ludia makes limited for coin??:joy::joy::thinking::grin:


Dear Ludia today I took just 3 treasure case.Why is cool down very so long.needs almost 5 hours until next case appear. Useless you give 4 case but it doesn’t maksimal to reach.:persevere: