[News] Jurassic World Alive | Treasure Chase


Why is this popping up? It’s dated July and we are in September.


Chests are out again. There’s one just around the corner from me. Go looking around now if you haven’t.


I’ve got my tactics now. In UK time. I can see the chest now but get it at 5 minutes to 9pm.Then wait for 9pm to pop up. Should get 2 in 10 minutes.

Then get next 5 mins to 9am. Wait for last to pop up get that.

2x10 minutes all 4 chests. No disruption to sleep.


I dont like it because when i get one and the one near to it vanish i cant find any later on


Now coin limit comes in 2 form. Normal supply box limit and event supply box limit (which is half your daily limit). I have checked both limits after taking a treasure chest and confirmed that it does not count into either of them.

So technically, with 1.14, your daily coin limit is increased to (1.0+0.5)x daily and on treasure hunt days the max you can get is 2.5x


Bring the treasure chest back UNLIMITED once a week. I have 48 dinosaurs to level up and 2000 coins like what the hell? What’s the point in playing if you cant level up. 2 of my dinosaurs are 30000 to level just 2 I have 48 to level. We MEED more coins to play this game


This is what the game is all about. Free dna, always. Then wait to have enough coins to evolve or pay for the coins if you want to upgrade immediately.

Ps the previous events weren’t unlimited, you could collect money from many treasure chests but there was a daily cap as well. Now the cap is reduced and, if you really want those coins, you need to hit treasure chest once every 6 hours.


I just want to be able to collect as many in the day it’s up like we did the first time. It was a welcomed treat for players. Please Ludia, throw your players a bone.


Initial treasure hunts where unlimited! It was a great way to upgrade past lvl 20 now it’s a joke giving us less than one upgrade a week


Today just 1 treasure case appear.Eventhough I round city to find more coin😂


i have usually found them near busier areas aka Walmart, etc.


Just got one for 1200 coins


Wondering if they decrease the spawnings of the chests… :thinking: Yesterday I opened the first chest near my work (8 pm italian time, while the chest quest starts at 4 pm), the second near my house nearly after 10 pm, then I was not able to find another chest in the morning before 10 am, and I saw just 2 chests on my way to work (too far to reach)… What’s happening??