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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Turns & Attacks (August 28, 2020)

Hello DPG members,

It’s Friday, that means another Tournament has begun! Some players have been asking excellent questions regarding the difference between attacks and turns in battle ability descriptions. In order to help you warm up for a weekend of knockouts, we’d like to offer you a little explanation!

A turn starts with players choosing a move, and ends when all the creatures have made their move (swap, ability, or skip their chance to act because they are stunned or knocked out).

An action is when a creature performs the ability associated with the selected button press (including a manual swap). The term “action” excludes automatic reactions such as counter-attacks and on escape abilities.

Let’s take some examples to explain how turn durations are counted based on the status effect:

Minimal Speedup Strike increases the user’s speed. The speed is immediately increased, however the effects of that increase will be felt next turn as the speed relationship will have changed by then.

Speed modification, swap prevention and vulnerability statuses begin counting down their duration at the end of the next turn (i.e. on the turn following the application of the status effect).

Taunt effects last “one turn”, and this duration begins counting down at the end of next turn. This means that taunting earlier in the turn (before opponents attack) lets you redirect attacks for the rest of this turn and for the next turn.

Stun durations tick down once the stunned creature has skipped its action.

Shields usually reduce their effect’s turn duration at the start of the creature’s action.
(Exceptions below) If there is one turn left to a shield effect, then as soon as that creature begins playing its next action: its shield will be gone. The same mechanic is used for Dodges.

Swap In Invincibility has a shield effect, which lasts this turn. It will remain in effect for the remainder of the turn it is used in. If your opponent does not attack after you swapped in, your invincibility will have been in vain.

The same can happen with Instant Invincibility and Instant Invincibility Taunt. Note that this-turn-only duration is rare, and currently only used for “swap in” or “instant” shield abilities. We plan to extend this functionality to Sidestep in 2.1.

Damage Over Time duration ticks down at the end of each turn (before you can choose the next turn’s actions). This means that a one-turn duration of DoT will apply once if the creature is still in the arena at the end of the turn.

Attack Count
Some effects have a compound duration, using both a max number of turns and a max number of attacks. Whenever one of those reaches its limit, the effect ends. When applicable, shield, dodge, vulnerability and taunt effects reduce their attack count when receiving attacks; while attack and critical hit chance increases and decreases reduce their attack count when performing an attack (this also applies when using a healing effect in the case of attack modifications).

Distracting Impact reduces damage for 4 attacks, lasting 2 turns. These turn counters count down at the end of the target’s turn. This means that the targeted creature’s distraction will at most last for its two upcoming actions. However, the distraction could expire earlier if the target makes 4 attacks before its second turn has been reached (that is the case for counter attacking Raid Bosses, which could theoretically be targeted by each of the four players in a single turn).

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been made aware that the ability descriptions can be ambiguous, and we are currently looking into making them clearer.

We hope this helps. Happy battling!


finally what we needed. Communication


This is amazingly helpful. Thank you. Clear definitions with examples makes understanding the terms easier.



However, why Sidestep nerf :thinking:




Probably because under the current turn system, if users of sidestep use it, then get slowed, they will still have the dodge capability until they use their next move. same issue with IIT.

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This is not consistent with past definitions or observations. Is this a change in functionality or a change in explanation?

Either way, I plan on testing this extensively to make sure it fits with what is actually happening.


What was the need to change to this system in the 1st place?

Why not just have moves that have different mechanics in raids than in the arena?

Pokemon Go is able to do that, so does Ludia lack that ability?


Even assuming that having different mechanics for raids/PvP were impossible, the only reason to change the system would be to support minions in raid battles. Not worth this confusion, IMO.


II/T and Sidestep should last until they take a hit, Swap In Invincibility could stay the way it is. A cloaked rampage on a failed shield/dodge (one that was supposed to be 100%) is annoying


Thanks for the clarification! The IIT nerf should help balance out the arena, but resilient creatures still need to be toned down a little bit.

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Everything that has IIT has resilient attacks also. Why you are eating a cloaked rampage is really inexcusable.


Thanks for the clarification! This is very useful.
However, as feedback, i disagree on how instant invincibility and instant invincibility taunt are working now. I think they should always block one attack, If a faster creature uses a priority ability at the same time instant invincibility is used the shield should stay up for the upcoming attack, and block just that attack. If the Instant invincibility user is faster than sure, it’s fair for the shield to disappear, but disappearing at the same time is a big nerf to tank creatures while fighting speedsters with instant abilities. Aren’t they supposed to counter those speedsters? Obviously the first 2.0 instant invincibility was very unfair, but the current version is just not good. It should be fixed to work as It did before 2.0


Not at all. Sometimes you need the shield to block an upcoming rampage that would otherwise kill you, but would survive an impact or strike, depending on the prediction you could need the shield to survive that turn regardless of having resilient moves. The issue with resilient moves are a totally different matter, yes, they should be nerfed, but instant invincibility shouldn’t be bad just because resilient moves are currently strong. They could easily be rebalanced with no detriment to instant invincibility.

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It went like this:

Cloak, IIT

Shield Disappears Without Eating The Rampage

I die. At the time I didn’t even realize it was like this


Just DON’T use IIT before the opponent uses cloak… But it is indeed stupid, it should block one attack.


Thanks for the VERY needed explanation. These changes are far from simple, they change strategies substantially, especially regarding shield moves. This “X attacks for X turns” thing can be very confusing.


Lol well its at least something, stupidly complicated and really need no reason to change besides raids and even the system could have worked then but it’s something


Plus if Resillient get nerfed that becomes a way bigger issue; especially long invincibility is very rare and has to be timed perfectly


But again resilient probably gonna get nerfed; I mean sidestep seems to be changing in 2.1 which is the confirmed nex update, so why not resilient…but it resilient doesn’t then this is fine