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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Unscheduled Maintenance (April 30,2021)

A: “Hey, the players are really complaining about game stability issues, raid invites not working, and more.”
B: “No big deal. we get to it when we get to it.”

A: “Oh, by the way… there’s a glitch where we are giving away extra coins.”


Probably not a great time to say it, but happy cake day btw :cake:


Two years in this game… or at least on the forums.

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Maybe supply drops were giving away too much stuff… not that I noticed, I was doing tournament battles. I wonder what will happen if your battle was interrupted? Guess we’ll find out…

Um this was posted an hour ago but it is saying that the update would last for 35 - 40 minutes. U ok Ludia?

Yes, so 7-22 minutes remaining.

They said it would start at 10:30 EST. It isn’t even 11:00 EST yet…


i bet a tournament or purchase issue. usually these are what ludia acts emergencial.

right in the middle of my tournie losing streak…how am i going to hit zero trophies now :stuck_out_tongue:


update its loading

I am ingame

That would be a smart thing to do, so I guess this won’t happen

@Ned can we expect an explanation of what the issue is that forced us out? I understand the communication has been improving but this is a very vague description of an issue that could have effected people without them realizing it.

An issue was found server side and needed to be addressed before further issues occurred. :slightly_smiling_face:


Holy crap! Y’all went to maintenance and took away every one of my event drops, and left me with five of the same strike event in a row…

What about new creatures?

An issue causing too many crits from me has been resolved. All my crits has been changed to useless crits and my opponents are able to crit on me on an average of 3 crits per battle.

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Y da maintenance? Da maintenance could b done in an update tbh, but ok​:thinking::+1::ok_hand:

Dang they fixed this. Originally 9 attempts now 6 attempts :sob::sob: image

They likely rolled that update out specifically to fix the attempts back to 6. They didn’t care a lot about the second set of epics but with the exclusive being over the weekend they were definitely gonna fix it. Can’t convince me otherwise we have seen it to many times before.