[News] Jurassic World Alive | Upcoming Battle Arena Change


All players who accumulated over 2,000 Battle trophies in the BETA version will be reset to 2,000 at Worldwide launch. This final change to the Battle trophies is done to allow the addition of the All-Time Top Players Leaderboard and improve the balancing of the arena!

Players who participated in the BETA version will receive 400 Jurassic World Alive cash via the in-game mailbox.


Unbalanced from last 10 PVP battles I been in. Team: 2 lvl 2 dino’s & test are lvl 1.
Opponents: lvl 5’s rares & high end epics.
Zero chance I’ll ever win.


How come I can’t choose the four dinos I want to go into battle with? The game just randomizes a team of the dinos in my collection. Really annoying. Would like to see this fixed soon.


Lol, mine is worse cause it only puts my crap beasts i have yet to use any beasts lvl 3-5,


I like the concept. It gives you and your opponent an equal advantage - especially if they might have lengendaries.


So. I dont get incubators now that i reached 1000 points in the arena…


i agreed too