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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.7 Delay and Weekly Events


Hello fellow DPG members,

Due to an issue experienced yesterday, we will be delaying the release of Update 1.7 until next week to allow for the team to deliver an optimized version of 1.7 with all the new and exciting content. In the meantime, to compensate for yesterday’s (04/24) maintenance break, we sent everyone a gift via the in-game mail.

In light of the delay, on Sunday we will be releasing an interim Event Schedule for next week. The Strike Events and Featured Creatures will function as placeholders for the Strike Events and Featured Creatures that will take over once Update 1.7 is available.

Furthermore, we’ve taken the time to go over your feedback from April and have decided that we will be going back to having Featured Creatures every day of the week. This will be effective as of Monday (04/29).

We’d like to once again thank you all for the constructive feedback and support,
Your Jurassic World Alive Team

When is 1.7
Featured creatures apr 29 + strike tower schedule UPDATED 1.7

THank you. Thank you so much. This is better communication. A step in the right direction. Better


Thanks!! all good!


Featured creatures back to noramal that’s great


Thank you.


“Optimized version of 1.7”. So a version that doesn’t break the system like the one they tried to push out yesterday.

Kudos on them actually listening though and going back to an event system that players actually liked.


Thanks finally we know what’s going on.


So they were trying to push out 1.7 yesterday


Thank you, ludia! We look forward to Monday!!

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To all you haters, Ludia does listen and as long as you are nice they will be nice to you.


Thank you very much


Thanks guys!
I’m sure most of us don’t mind waiting… and also understand that hiccups happen.

But the communication is invaluable.
So thanks again for that! :raised_hands:t4:



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Next week is upcoming Monday or next to next Monday? :thinking:

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A step in the right direction. Thanks for listening to the community.


Maybe I’m just nosey. But I like this new detailed style of announcement.



Thanks for this info. They said next week … NOT exactly Monday… for all we know , it can be last day of the week… just keep that in mind so that we all will not be disappointed again.


Thank you ludia :blush: Good job ^^
The style of information and the old event system are very appreciated
Looking forward with good feelings now hvfgvbh


At least we know it’s coming soon now, so these when are 1.7 threads can die down a bit


So does that mean, you are going back to the old scheme Common->rare->Epic+ aswell?

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