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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.7 Patch (05/02)

Hello fellow DPG members,

We’ve been looking at your feedback on Update 1.7 from the last 24hrs and have decided to modify the ceiling and floor caps on Trophy gains and loses in PvP battle.

Original Trophy minimums and maximums in Update 1.7

  • Minimum Trophies won or lost: 1
  • Maximum Trophies won or lost: 59

Modified (as of 05/02) Trophy minimums and maximums in Update 1.7

  • Minimum Trophies won or lost: 10
  • Maximum Trophies won or lost: 50

We’ve also pushed a fix for the Swap and Stun ability: odds have gone from 100% to 66%.

In addition, we intend to tighten the search radius for matchmaking. The net effect is that your opponents should match your team more closely, but this comes at the cost of having to wait a bit more before finding an opponent. Stay tuned for more news on this.

Please be sure to re-launch your game for the above changes.

Thank you all for the feedback, and for more information on some of the known issues in Update 1.7, please see our Developers’ post here.


What about darting? The drone isn’t fast enough now to keep up with dinos, that lion start running it’s over.


Can you also return the drone sensitivity back to ver.1.6 type?


I do have a feeling that a lot more of these mini changes will be happening

Still getting constant time out’s trying to battle any chance of fixing that at some point


In behalf of ApexPredators, thank you for hearing us out! Now we have to slowly address other issues !


This is the most expeditious response to playerbase feedback I’ve ever seen. Well done :clap:t3:

Now what about the the drone darting sensitivity?.. that is something that still needs to be addressed


Thank you for the quick work on matchmaking!!

What about darting though? This is a glaring issue, based on the numerous comments and threads here, on reddit, discord, etc. This is bound to kill desire to play for many.

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one step at a time :smiley:

So now ApexPredators will battle in the tournament? :stuck_out_tongue: because I was hoping to sneak into top 500 :rofl: with less competition


losing 50 to potentially gain 10 is still :confused:
especially when many loses are RNG-based and totally removed from either player’s influence

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would guess their response is going to be “just go buy an incubator to make up for the lost DNA” :joy:
regardless of what ludia claims, it was 100% done to reduce the DNA from each darting session.


Same as others i am wondering about darting also what i get from this is that we are going to get more time outs trying to find battles

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I can’t imagine they’re going to revert darting back to the old way. The new way is clearly intended to lower the DNA gotten from each darting session, and they won’t go back on that.

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Thank you Ludia for showing us that you are not only hard at work fixing & updating the game but that player feedback is valued. I have renewed faith that the remaining list of issues is being addressed post haste.


Why do you think that?

First of all, thank you for quickly coming up with a fix for the trophies and matchmaking! Well done :sunglasses:

But, why change the swap-in-stun? And even lower than the original lol it was one of the few “counters” to dracos swap in DSR… and it was already barely a counter since you have to guess :joy: now ive spent a bunch of coins and boosts on my edmonto, lucky me its still a strong/useful dino, but just one more little detail that you guys should pay more attention to before simply putting out a new update in a rush… :man_facepalming::sweat::sweat:

So swap in strike/ rampage is 100% chance. Swap in distract/nullify/slow is 100% chance. Swap in stun 66%? At least make it 75%. 66% is terrible.


Thank you Ludia for quick reaction and fixing trophies system! I appreciate it. Right steps towards community and we like it. There is still a chance to make this update a very good one.


The dart! The dart!

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I am sure my Drone is less sticky now, have they changed it back to normal. BTW, personally I think the new drone is alright, but I am sure that the Drone was less sticky just now.
By the way this is no joke