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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.7 Patch (05/02)

Yes the darting issue is definitely another problem that needs to be addressed. Hopefully this is also at the top of your list ludia. And hopefully get anyone that is locked out back in as soon as possible


I just found a wild Raja, got 133… I usually get at least twice that so Rex is gonna be brutal this weekend. They need to address that quick!

Before the weekend epics would be super :raised_hands:t4:


It’s a good start. Gap still seems pretty big. I don’t get why a lose has to potentially count for that much more than a win. Especially if teams are going to be more evenly matched.

It still is rather large. But now 5wins equates to 1 lose. Much better ratio then 59 to 1

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So 100% swap in stun is OP? but defense shattering rampage isn’t? Okay then…


Hey Idgt902, what sort of issues are you having with the darting? If it’s regarding the new Drone control changes, I’d be happy to share your feedback with our team.

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Hmm. I don’t think this is necessary. Why does sia stun require rng when invince, dodge, and distract don’t? And it’s not as strong as something like sia dsr. Just like how sia dodge is countered by precise and definite, sia stun is countered by immune… so i think it’s fair that it was 100%. Or at least make it 75 to be on par with the other stuns…

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Other than the fact that it aims and acts like a drunken monkey? It’s horrible.


Regarding battles @Ludia_Developers

I just lost a battle - while waiting for the (finding opponent) clock to down to zero and then stop. Lost a bunch of trophies on a match I could have won, had the clock screen not frozen. This has happened quite a number of times since I got back on yesterday (after having cleared cache and data, uninstalling and re-installing)

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Im no play no lose tropy thx ludia good patch

If this means that we can expect to get many time-outs before finding an opponent, I don’t like it at all. I only battle for incubators. I don’t care about winning or losing trophies, I just want to win 5 incubators every day without spending too much time battling. And this doesn’t solve the problem of (sometimes) having to complete many battles to get the 5 incubators, since you can still easily need ~15 battles to get 5 wins just because of the RNG.


A step in the right direction…but to me the biggest issues with 1.7 are the timing out searching for an opponent (at least half of the time). In the patch notes Ludia said that after 30 seconds of waiting you could have chosen to fight against A.I., but the fact is that the game enters the arena after 4/5 seconds without verifying if there’s an opponent or not.
But most of all the new drone mechanic, is almost unplayable and frustrating. My darts curve at every throw like some sort of wind is present during the darting session; i collect litterally 2/3 of the dna that i collected before the update, i hope that they will include an option to set your own preference. PLEASE🙏

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Yh the new controls are bad it is to slow would like the sensativity as it was in 1.6


Because they said it may take some time to find a match which increases the issue of timed out matches

It’s slow and unresponsive. It’s near impossible to get 12-15 darts on most dinosaurs, as you could with 1.6 darting. Fast creatures are incredibly difficult to keep up with and dart. The darting seems wild and unpredictable.

Biggest feedback to share: Do not force new drone controls on your player base. Give us the option to choose it or the old controls. This is the best of both worlds. Let us decide how we want the drone to feel, as we are the ones playing.

The worst things that can be to a game is change for the sake of change, and changing something because the developers think it’s better, while the community does not.


Not going to bash ludia but why change the controls of the drone when non of the player base asked for this?

The drones shoot darts at a weird angle, lining up a direct shot, even on 1st shot misses, and the drone moves real slow. It can’t keep up with the dinos when they start their run.

Edit: there is also a drift. If you click on a Dino and leave it the drone will begin drifting to the left away from the dino. The bounce back mechanism is no longer there, atleast that I’ve seen.


Thanks for changing the trophy limits. In the last 3 battles that actually managed to start I won two and lost one - guess what the trophy amounts were. Yep…

Lost 50
Won 10 each time.


Thank you Ned. Yes it is regarding the drone control changes. I know the intention is to address the “slippery” feel and improve responsiveness. Unfortunately, even after repeated usage & hope for adaptation, it appears the drone changes moved too far in the opposite end of the spectrum. Responsiveness has decreased too much and is sluggish . In addition, there seems to be an undesired effect now where the dart curves/bends away from where one initially aims. I would assume this can be fixed with some more tweaking OR like other players have suggested either revert back to the old system or perhaps provide 2 options for players to choose from as other apps do (old or new)