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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.7 Patch (05/03)

Hello fellow DPG members,

We are currently working on a new build that will mitigate some of the more pressing concerns since Update 1.7.

This new build will contain fixes for the increased timeouts and dropped battles, as well as the white flash when collecting rewards. In addition, it will also feature additional tweaks to the Drone mechanics to mitigate the changes between the 1.6 to 1.7 settings.

Furthermore, despite the issues with matchmaking we do hope every player has the opportunity to try our first Tournament this weekend. With this in mind, we’ve sent everyone 100 Cash via the in-game mail! Collect before the Tournament ends and let us know what you think of the new feature.

Thank you all once again for your support and feedback, please keep it coming!


Thank you. Much appreciated.


Any indication of how long it will take? Thanks for listening!!


but the “whoever gets the most disconnected opponents wins 30,000 cash” tournament is going to continue to run? :joy:


Just give us all 30,000 cash. We’ll give it all back…


@Dinocop I second this option!

Would be really good if tournament battles gave incubators too


Mitigating “pressing concerns” is probably the best thing to do at this time, and Ludia should do it fast to mitigate players frustration, IMHO. But this is only the first step.

The second step should be really fixing the bugs, not mitigating them. I think that Ludia has to be reactive to restore confidence in the game after all the problems since 1.7 is out.



Thanks for the tweaks to the drone to mitigate the change (still thinking that majority of the community would simply like the old darting mechanic btw)
Talking about the tournament, apart connection issues, i like the concept very much and play with different creatures is something that i asked for a long time. I highly suggest the possibility to set and memorize more than one team, maybe just swiping left/right teams in the creatures’ page.


Andddd … what about the speed boosts?


Hey i did try the tournament it was cool but had only one battle and won it then kept on getting time outs
Features are cool but you guys should have a separate non hybrid team slots so we don’t have to change our main teams to play the tournament


What about this? Lowest trophy count is 325 in the leaderboard. I think

And no, I’m warning you now, DO NOT FLAG THIS POST BECAUSE NONE OF THE BATTLES I’VE WON HAVE ACTUALLY GIVEN ME TROPHIES. I played around 1 so far. Got 15 wins and 3 losses = 375 trophies. 15 x 30 trophies/win = 450 trophies - 3 x 25 (lost trophies) = 75.

Do the battles played in the tournament count towards our alliance mission battles?

It is very difficult to get any battles in towards our alliance missions with current conditions. What would be the incentive to play in the tournament and have to change our team completely around to the provisions provided if it’s not counting? I’ve played several battles in the tournament today and only have 40 trophies to show for it. No where near one of the top anything and I feel like I have really just done damage to my own alliance by not being in the field darting and “trying” to play real battles that have daily battle incubators and 15min 3hr 8hr 12hr and 24hr incubators. Tournament is not worth the time taken away from accomplishing the already impossible tasks for alliance missions.

Fix team. Keep trying.

No. Tournaments are separate,

Should show trophies where it says “play in the tournament to be ranked”

Oh goody! A chance to introduce a whole new raft of bugs while ones that have been around since previous updates are still ignored.

They are all full of bugs… can not get a battle and have to keep restarting the game it just sucks!!!@@

Thanks! Looking forward to the patch.

Screenshot_20190503-184937_JW%20Alive and looks who’s on top!!!