[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.8 Reported Issues 06/28

Hello fellow DPG members,

We’d like to confirm that we are currently collecting feedback and analyzing data regarding any reported issues since 1.8 launched. We expect to have a full report next week.

Thank you all for your feedback!


I think you might want to fix the title, it says 18 issues instead of 1.8


so we can expect to have the frozen ouran screen all weekend?? @Jorge


In case it hasn’t been reported yet, I’ll post it here. The shadow bug is back. The game crashes shortly after this happens.

I hope not. I’ve just gone to collect my Ourano and it has frozen me out. Is this why we got got given 100 earlier today?

That shadow makes it look like an alien ship is overhead.


It reminds me of the movie “Independence Day”. Maybe this intentional. Perfect timing, ya know! :grinning:


Supply drops and dinos on map aren’t loading.

Here’s a weird one. My alliance page said it had 51 members, but then I closed the app, cleared cache, and restarted and it was back to the normal 50.

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Look. for me it’s the same only that instead of a shadow is the whole game I can not fight I can not hunt I can not do anything that the game is too much

I mean it hangs a lot

And if you do a strike event while the shadow is there, it’ll look like you’re fighting on a different planet haha


That looks so awesome! I wanna fight dinosaurs on the moon!!!

Anyway, I’ve experienced the battle issue where you automatically lose when your second creature is taken out. Have had it happen four times already.


Item 152 on todays glitch list.


Whoa, weird. It’s like the moons surface almost.

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The sanctuary’s don’t always load so I have to kill and reload the game.

I found a pretty drastic bug in the arena, basically the game loaded up right and I started playing like normal, but I had fun.

I think im dying LOL.

But seriously the alliance chat is still broken over 6 months later, this should be one of the top priorities since its a very old bug and causes a pretty bad affect!


There’s also this bug with the names loading. This one was too funny so i had to take a screenshot…


I actually sat there watching for like 10 seconds when I first seen it, till I realised it was his name haha!


Have had that twice today myself, not exactly loving it. >:-( I think maybe the problem is that the PvP battles are taking place on the moon…!

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