[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.8 Reported Issues 06/28

One of the sanctuary’s in reach of my house goes empty with my wife’s dinos in it and she can’t get to here locked dino’s from the creature screen. The sanctuary shows empty on my phone.

Alliance bug where everything is in 2s. Donations count twice (but actually don’t, can’t fulfill my request because of this bug). Members join twice, messages are sent twice

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1- Haven’t experienced any glitches with sanctuaries yet, but the fact that when you open a sanctuary shared in the alliance and then go out you get sent back to the map instead of the alliance page is a bit annoying.
2-The alliance chat bug still there after battles: can’t send messages and the scroll function feels like rubber, jumping up and down thus forcing you to restart the game to either talk to members or scroll properly.
3- This last one is not a bug, just feedback regarding the dodge nerf. The nerf has been excessive in the sense that most creatures that have dodge abilities have been rendered useless in the arena, so all the counters provided on the last 2 patches won’t be worth investing as well. Plese consider revisiting the dodge mechanic for a more balanced solution.

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Agree with both 1 and 2 but I think its too early to deem dodge as useless. Its more akin to Ready to Crush in that its situational and no longer a go to thing straight away.

alliance chat bug is horrible requiring restart of the game, WHY is this not fixed???

Also agree that having to reload to the map every time you switch sanctuary is very tedious and should simply take you back to the sanctuary list instead of the map!

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Perhaps it might be early but just from the battles I had after the update I’ve seen how easily I take out any dodger. Unless severely overleveled, my dinos kill them pretty easily. So that’s my feeling from the change. It doesn’t feel balanced, just an underwhelming mechanic, to not call it completely useless. Imho it needs some tweaks to make those dinos relevant but not feel so annoying and rng dependent for those who hate the mechanic. Cause of course, even if I don’t agree with you, I know the frustration of not hitting a dino a single time in some battles. I just didn’t really get too bothered by it. I kinda enjoyed the anticipation before a move conected against a dodger, it was exciting to me. But that’s just personal feelings. Still, I’m sure there’s a better solution than the one we have now.

Yeah thats fair enough :), but as someone on the receiving end it goes from anticipating if the dinosaur is going to dodge or not, to being totally rage inducing when it happens 5 times in a row no matter what you try (if no nullify on team of course).

Another thing Ludia had to take into consideration is if the way dodge was working was fun In a game, if it causes stress and anger thats not good for a game to do to someone.

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You have a point as well, what is exciting to me is not to others, and I respect that. But there’s always a way to get something in between that can benefit both preferences. This is a game and we’re here to have fun after all :slight_smile: What I actually want in this game is a bigger pool of meta relevant dinos to choose from, so we can have a lot of variety in the end game. That’s my main reason to dislike this particular nerf.

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API not changed to DSI


Since this morning i have nothing on my card but if i use a capsule i have one dino

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I think some of the issues are:

  • The magna nerf (come on its ingredients are hard to get)
  • And the purru nerf was just made to make carno look good

But for real though the issues:

  • Carnotarkus has decel strike on its dino stats/desc., but has superiority strike in battle
  • Pyrritator has API instead of DSI
  • Carnotarkus has its defensive animation for precise rampage and the other has the latter animation

And ill edit if i find further issues.


Here is a bug I’ve encountered twice since 1.8

The rampage and run (any run move I’d imagine) against any instant move dodge, invincibility and so on bug is still in effect. For example if rinex rampages and runs into a tryko shield the shield remains up another turn. If you rampage and run into a dodging move the move lasts an extra turn. We had this bug for all of 1.7 and it’s still here. This effects essentially everyone in the arena and can have huge implications on battles. This should have been a priority fix last update. Get someone on this already.


As someone who uses two hit and runners on my team I 2nd this suggestion.

Should have been fixed by now!

And my thor crit 40% just like 10%
in one battle not crit even once

Yeah this is annoy too instant invicible last 2 turn(even when instant invicible went first)

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Strike events have been really buggy for me lately.

Also, game has been a bit laggy lately. Loading taking longer than normal.
Edit: There’s also been some lagging during darting.


Oh man, the Magna nerf, that was such a disappointment to me. The amount of hp taken away is just too much, this one sure was excessive. We want our so hard to get dino to have some hp back please.

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Yeah loading back to the map is like 2-4 times longer than in 1.7. And im using the 8 core version of the Galaxy S7 Edge, so its no turtle!


always lost connection and switch to update screen

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