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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.0 Known Issue (July 20,2020)

Hello DPG Members,

We know you are all anxious for this update to be live and it’s on it’s way!

We hope you’ve enjoyed going through the Release Notes and checking out all the cool new features as well as going through the known issues that the team are still working really hard on fixing. That being said, we’d like to mention an additional known issue that will be fixed in the coming days.

A Raid teammate may occasionally get booted from the Raid and be unable to reconnect to the game if emotes (text communications or visual emotes) are used. Encountering this issue will require clearing your data or reinstalling the game. Emotes are a new and awesome feature, but we ask that you temporarily avoid using them during Raids battles until this issue is resolved.

We will let you know as soon as a fix is available, at which time you will be able to use emotes everywhere!

As mentioned above, the issue is being looked into. Should you experience this issue during your Raid Battle, please feel free to contact our support team at

Thanks and happy update day!


Thanks for telling us about that! Your communication with us have improved, without doubt


Aren’t raids versus the computer? Who would use an emote against a computer?!


Me and my friends used emotes … I’ll try to avoid them from now on!

PS thanks for notifying us as per my other post about bugs :joy:

What’s with changing the abilities on some of the dinos? like I love the new update don’t get me wrong, but my tyrannolophosaur abilities are so bad now. I can’t do nearly as much damage as before and being a legendary I wouldn’t think a common level 6 could do much damage but it did :frowning: can you please put it back how it was.


We keep getting “Raid lobby is full” error when lobby is actually not even near full, and also it’s private. Other times we just get the (Failure) message after Diffuse Progression loading shows up.


I cant even see the invites !


It’s also written “megalosuchus boss” at the top of the screen when a dino come in the battle, instead of his real name.

I’d like to actually receive an invite that was sent to me (iOS) please fix these new raids


Same. Trying to do Sino last night but no joy as invites not received. Alliance have been trying for Mammotherium today and lots of bugs - even with the android users.

Does anyone in Ludia own or ever test in iOS!


In a raid you can communicate with the other players using emotes. There are more emotes than in a regular battle.

Plzzz fix Invite issue says failure

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So, once again, I finally get my Dinos built up to where I finally stand a chance against higher level dinos, you change everything, take all the extra speed, health and attack away and give us a fraction of what we had worked so hard for in the 1st place! Sick and tired of trying to build up my team just so you can take it all away to make us start over!!! Guess I’ll have to change my rating of this game and delete it too…This is the 2nd time you have taken everything I had to worked my butt off to build up my dinos just to have it taken away! Very disappointed and disgusted with who ever is in charge of these so called upgrades in your game!


This update sucks I’m sorry Ludia but you kinda broke every Dino and you
Put in resistance instead of immunity the only good thing is the co op mode and raids plz try to fix the Dino’s especially indoraptor and trystinix. The cunning stuff is wired and this update hit hard ever since the revenge update I love your game but it’s kinda sucks


Why are unique Dino’s restricted in boss battles the bosses are much stronger than a unique and to even have a chance the unique would help


I love this game but changing good Dino moves right before you release the boss raids was the worse decision and restricting the uniques in the raids doesn’t make sense


I was struggling to join raid battles because I have an iPhone and my alliance members have android and so can you fix the issue where apple people can see the invitation to the raid

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i can’t invite nor be invited to the raids can developers design a mechanism to allow me to send my four dinos to kill the big horny elephant?

I also spent months working on my Indoraptor Gen 2 and the change to it now makes want to dump the game. This game was once enjoyable and now the joy is gone.

I also think they need to completely reset the campaigns so we can learn and get used to the changes.