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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.10 Known Issues

Hello DPG Members!

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 2.10. These issues are actively being investigated and worked on:

  • Daily Mission Reward progress being reset upon login after updating. This was not experienced during testing.
    Due to the severity of the issue, the game has returned back into Maintenance. We will update this post with more information as it progresses.

Update 2021/09/07:

The issue is resolved and players logging in after the fix should no longer have their Daily Mission progress reset. If logged in prior to the fix, the reset would unfortunately remain.

We are currently working on investigating ways to identify the players that were initially impacted by this issue.

This post will be updated once we have additional information to provide.

Thank you all!

Update 2021/09/08:

Hello again!

We’d like to first address and clarify that the secondary short maintenance that took place yesterday afternoon (ET) was to prevent players that had not yet updated their Jurassic World Alive game from getting their Daily Mission progress reset.

If you had updated and logged in prior to the short secondary maintenance, the reset would still be present.

We have identified the players that had logged in prior to the secondary maintenance! :raised_hands: We thank you, however, contacting support is not required.

A heads up to all players that we have a fix and when it is ready to deploy, another short Maintenance period will be enabled (we will of course notify all players beforehand).

Our current goal is to develop a tool where when activated, the impacted players will log in and have their Daily Mission progress reverted to the progress point they were at prior to updating to 2.10.25.

The team has already begun working on it and are aiming to have this tool ready at the earliest Monday, September 13th.

Please note for the impacted players, any Daily Mission progress accumulated between the release of 2.10.25 to when we release this new tool fix will have their progress overwritten to the time of where they progressed before updating to 2.10.25. In most cases players will then be at a higher progression point, not lower. :muscle:

Impacted players are still free to progress with their Daily Missions as normal in the meantime!

Once the tool fix is out and confirmed working, the impacted players will also receive additional compensation via in-game mail.

This post will continue to be updated as new information develops. We thank you all for your continuous support. You are greatly appreciated.

Update 2021/09/13:

Hope all you DPG members had a good weekend! Here’s new info regarding this issue:

The team has completed the tool fix! It will be deployed as of today September 13th at 10:00 AM ET. Keeping up with good news, we will be able to deploy it without the need for a Maintenance break.

The tool fix is within a slow server rollout. This means not all impacted players will receive the fix uniformly. Some players will receive the fix earlier or later depending on which server you are located on. No stress though, the fix will reach you.

All you will need to do is reboot the game on your device to receive the fix once the server you’re on has been updated. If you’ve rebooted your game several times, but have not seen the fix yet, don’t fret! It just means your server is still updating. :blush:

All impacted players will be receiving an in-game compensation mail at the same time as the tool deployment even if the fix isn’t present for you yet. These in-game mails will expire September 20th, 2021 10:00 AM ET.

If by September 14th, 2021 10:00 AM ET your Daily Mission rewards have not reverted to their progress point from before update 2.10.25, please reach out to our support team either in-game or at with your Support Key included.

We would like to thank you, our Jurassic community, again for your patience.

Happy playing! :t_rex:

Update 2021/10/04

Hope your Monday is going well DPG members!

The iPhone 13 Notch support has now been added.


They need to hire some Quality Control people…


This isn’t a log in bug lol, it’s emergency maintenance


Here we go again omg


Oops read wrong

Oh well guess you can look at this while its being fixed :skull:


Could you maybe also look into critical rampage while you’re at it?


All of this is happening and yet I still haven’t been able to update my game yet :expressionless:

Uh, it’s not just resetting Ludia… the reward amounts are way off as well


Why not just accept that you screwed up and let people claim it twice then? You already docked us the normal amount of daily rewards anyways. If it was actually a good dino of the day I’d be pissed. Doesn’t seem like it’s worth shutting down again.


how are we supposed to trust that you actually test the updates? with how unbalanced the new uniques are (and skoonasaurus) and the amount of bugs, its really hard to believe.


we wouldnt be pissed if it didnt happen every single time


Solo deben de dar adn de hadros y listo, con eso nos conformamos jajaja

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Translated from Spanish

They just have to give DNA to talk to you and that’s it, with that we settle hahaha

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every single time this now ludia bruh

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“and it just keeps getting funnier, EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE IT!”

~ Beetlejiuce Beetlejuice Beetlejuice


Well I don’t think bashing them will help the updates come out better.


in the next update will have another bug XD


Surely chuck in a boost reset after messing us around :wink:


well leaving them alone doesnt either


I hope it will come out soon wait we are talking about Ludia oh well 999 hrs to go