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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.10 Known Issues

You said carry on as normal with the daily missions. So I did. Now it’s reset and I have to get 3 interactions when all were saved and used at reset as normal. Now I can’t complete today. Just a little oversight. Thanks for fixing

Thank you for getting this fixed!

It’s breaking the raid invites…

thank you for update keep up the good work

People complain that things were broken, then people complain about them being fixed. Go figure.

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Yours Is way better than what Ludia put it looks bigger scarier and more powerful and it really says the name indotaurus and describes how powerful this creature is

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It is nice to see this fix has rolled out so nicely. I cannot say mistake free, as only time will tell with that.

But seeing the issue have seemingly been resolved. Ludia, you have done rather well.

Thanks for the fix. :+1:

Thanks a lot! :grin:
I hope @E.D and @Ned are taking notes. Lol

All we gotta do is change the Indominus orange, give him horns and put it in place of the Orange spiky Indoraptor. Lol

Here it is again. Lol!

The Indotaurus we really want!


Great question. Over to you Ludia……

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Members of my alliance and I have something strange happening to our daily missions since the fix. In my case, I use to have 5 or 7 tasks to complete for my daily missions. For some reason, I had 8 tasks on Monday and 5 tasks on my son’s account and 6 on my account today. It looks like it hasn’t totally returned to normal from what my alliance members are experiencing as well. Has the dev team been informed? @Ned

Hey there, th3g3ntl3m4n. From what I understand, the number of Daily Missions you receive is usually dependent on how many of them you complete before each reset. :thinking:

If you are noticing that the number of missions is changing sporadically, please reach out to our support team at with your support key. Our team would be happy to take a closer look at their end.


I think you should show more of your versions of creatures or hybrids that are in the game or even new creatures here is one i came up with. Cargaloceros which is carbonemys and megaloceroes the rarity is legendary be sure to give it a rampage attack

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Ludia seriously I keep getting kicked out of the game seriously what is this? This has been acting up since 2.9 I get it all you do is laugh at messages but this is really getting annoying it has been a problem for most people and its about time you ACTUALLY DO YOUR JOB and fix this problem