[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.11 Known Issues

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i’m confused about what update brought more issues.
2.11 vs 2.0 vs 1.7

2.0 can probably be excused since it completely changed the way we play the game.

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yep and 1.7 brought those disaster boost stats.
big changes.

so 2.11 can win because it’s just… …another update.

is jwa source code growing too much and becoming a nightmare, impossible to fix?

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I’d like to hope not. Even so, some of these issues (like certain moves having incorrect/swapped animations) seem to have such easy fixes that someone who hasn’t even seen the code would know what to do to solve them. So not fixing these has to be deliberate on the developers part, which is just bizarre considering how easy these bugs are to fix.

Surely with Mortems roar buffing just one turn instead of the advertised two this should have been an immediate fix?

As if it isn’t bad enough for Mortem as it is!

Any news about a fix for this one yet?


Judging by past trends, this bug will be fixed in update 3.3.

HOWEVER, two more will take its place… :nerd_face:

It’s like the Hydra from Greek mythology, go ahead and chop off that head if you want too…btw we’re fresh out of fire.


The greatest bug in this game they never will change.
Making LVL Requirements for small players for bosses.
Such a nonsens.
Who cares when they can do apex?
Without dinos they cant anyway.
How brings that more joy in Playing? None.
The greatest bug is since day 1 I play this that big players always play down.
So beginning of month as today you can play 20 pvp for one inc cause those guys plays then up and then down again.
Now 20 PVP in low library against max boosted 30s.
When will ludia do something against that? Never.
Normally I get there lvl 26-28 …
Making max requirement for each arena that would be an improvement for players…
Pvp complete nonsens

While matchmaking needs improvement, putting level caps on arena isn’t a great idea, since it artificially prevents players from being matched where they should be just as much as it prevents them from being matched where they shouldn’t. A player with all 30s being matched against level 20s is bad. A player being unable to win a match because they aren’t as good but are blocked from facing lower level teams is also bad. It also should be noted that the current matchmaker allows matches between different arenas, so these caps would isolate each area and make wait times for matches even longer.

I can tell you something to improvement.
Whole month october I was between 5150 and 5300.
After Monthchange got lvl30 maxed opponents until I dropped to 5040.
Every month begin the same.
You can improve as you want to it wouldnt change anything as long big players can go down the arenas and change to begin of new month to their maxed 30 and play up again.
Until that isnt changed that they can do it, nothing will change.
BTW all 20 opponents I had with maxed lvl 30 have now 6000+ cups.

And what you’re describing is bad, I never disagreed with that. I was just saying that level/rarity caps on arenas don’t make this better, and even if they sometimes do they also introduce a whole host of new problems (like increased load times). We need a solution, but this ain’t it.

10 times a day app says pls press ok to restart jwa has been updated …
10 direct hits are now 270 dns at LVL 20 not 300 …
full wifi but app has connection loss
PVP lobby fails
raid Lobby fails
Is in the app anything working right?

@Eugene it’s been nearly 2 weeks. Any updates on getting mortem and parasauthops bugs?

they should also take care of movements of that new common dino.
His tail movements are pretty bad to dart him.
The hardest dino to dart more worse than all epics …

Also I found out that park dinos are not apearing in giga scents any more since the update.
Before that they apeared in giga scents.
In the circle there are only 2-3 apearing a day which was before the update I would say between 20-30.

@Eugene any updates?

Lets get only a small list of issues:
Mortys boost longs only 1 turn instead 2 turns.
Morty is immun to distraction ( just had that in pvp: spino instant distraction morty kills me :rofl:)
Raid connection failures worse than ever.
PVP lobby failures worse.
Raid lobby failures worse.
PVP connection failures worse.
and so on and son on.
I am pretty sure that 218 bugfixes were for the shop.
ingame I dont see any bugfixes …

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“Morty is immune to distraction” → That’s not a bug. Distraction doesn’t work against buffed damage. It will only negate the base damage. It has always been like that.

True, Morty will do the 50% damage but that buff should be present for 2 attacks, for 2 turns. A month later it is still only doing one attack and this is ridiculous. Seriously, how long does it take to fix something as blatantly obvious as this?
Any news on a fix @Ned?


@Ovilophomoloch’s Group Cunning Impact still not having a cooldown

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