[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.11 Known Issues

Morty didnt buff at that mom and was not buffed …
That was with spino.
Distract of spyx worked fine.
Seems there is a Problem with instant distract

Meanwhile poor nerfed indoraptor is not cared about but what could we expect from money hungry ludia they don’t show love to indoraptor :frowning:

It doesnt affect Ludias $$$$ so they won’t fix it in a timely manor.


Indoraptor wasn’t even directly nerfed, it’s just fallen way behind the meta due to power creep. But yeah, they aren’t doing anything to help older dinos like Indo.

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My game after a battle will turn my whole screen like this

Bruh… they really took it too serious

Exactly they really took it that seriously.I’m only saying facts this is how they will end up id they keep treating their community like this