[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.12 Known Issues

Hello DPG Members!

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 2.12. These issues are actively being investigated.

These known issues are being investigated on:

  • A magenta texture is appearing at the end of certain Raids
  • Nasutoceratops was not removed from the Event Exclusive rotation
  • Haast Eagle is now wild spawning on the Map
  • Various issues reported with Campaign 2.0’s Special Objectives

We will keep you posted on the progression of the fixes in this thread.

Thank you!

December 6th, 2021 UPDATE


  • Some of the Campaign 2.0 Special Objective texts have been made more clear but we are still investigating varying reward and objective requirement issues
  • Nasutoceratops is now spawning on the map
  • Haast Eagle is no longer wild spawning on the map


  • Enteloceros appears as a Hologram in the Lab
  • Rest assured we’re still investigating Mortem rex’s animation issues as well as Roar’s attack buff duration
  • Taunting Resilient Group Impact does not target all opponents
  • Alert Instant Shielded Impact only does 1x damage

December 08, 2021 UPDATE

  • Version 2.12.31 has been released to address the issues with magenta textures appearing during Raid battles as well as issues detected with the tutorial
  • We are working with our partners at Google to investigate reported GPS issues with Android 12.
    In the meantime we recommend visiting our FAQ article on the topic for troubleshooting.

Don’t forget to add mortem fix, even if it’s seems to no be a priority for you


Campaign objective: need to use a commom creature at level 15 or above

The match: all creature levels are set to 14



Lol hadros lux , i thought it was bleeding or something else :sweat_smile: bioluminecense.

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I mean you I feel you’re missing a very large amount of stuff there.

GPS issues, pink gas coming out of rinn on the raid, the donations still ( 27 updates later ) still not being removed, force closes, blank maps

I could go on.

Before you ban me for trolling…the truth isn’t trolling!!! They are a matter of fact

Good day to you


I also found an error in the enteloceros, it appears transparent when I have it unlocked


It seems you Ludia hand pick certain issues and ignore the issues which have been around for over a year .


Lol. Maybe its on cloak.


In case it hasn’t been mentioned yet, in the Lord Lythronax Campaign, a white bar appears under his health bar from time to time.

Where is our GPS fix??!?!?!?!? So many players are unable to play while moving!!!


I know this is very likely impossible to do due to company policy to keep top players entertained with new stuff every update as was mentioned somewhere else (can’t be bothered to find the link to the post).

But would it be feasable to just do an entire update where nothing new gets added but you purely focus on bugfixes (and I mean NOTHING new: no new creatures, no new moves, no creature reworks, except when bugfixes are needed such as Morty, no new features, NOTHING)? There are a number of bugs that have been around for years and they always get listed on the ‘under investigation’ tab in the Patch Notes, time after time again. Raid Invites, Alliance Chat, Alliance Requests not disappearing, GPS not working, pink screen, friendly battles not working, dynamic stats not displaying properly in battle, and in the most recent updates: the buggy campaign (although I have to give credit to the good design of the Campaign, just a shame it was a buggy mess and has some impossible to beat extra objectives), moves not working as intended (Morty’s Roar only buffing one attack instead of two), and I probably could go on for a while.

Bugs and mistakes like this is what is driving people away from this game the most, because they cause some aspects of the game to just be frankly unplayable or extremely tedious. To me and others, it looks like Ludia simply does not care enough to fix them, even though you are probably hard at work to fix it behind the scenes. I’ll put it to lack of communication to the community about that, something you also said you would improve in. Friendly Battles are unplayable because the servers just refuse to connect you to other players. Those same servers often match you to a player, only to time you out the next minute or so so you have to queue in the arena again. Same with Raids where the invites just don’t come across or won’t connect you to the raid for server reasons. People get kicked out of battles because unknown reasons and get pink screened to the map/thrown out the game, losing the battle in the process and losing trophies because of it. The dynamic stats have cost many people matches because they were not displayed properly.

I honestly think I speak for the majority of the community when I say that we would love nothing more than to just see the majority of the mistakes/bugs fixed instead of having new content pumped out at a ridiculous pace. Not only gives it everyone a chance to catch up with everything new, but it would also improve playability for this game we all want to play. I don’t think anyone will be mad if you just take a breather with the content release, and focus purely on fixing bugs and errors like the ones I’ve mentioned in this post. It would make the game so much better to play and would definitely extend the lifespan of the game more than adding bug-riddled content every update.

Thank you for reading this, hope you have a nice day, and maybe one day we will see this suggestion be implemented, although I personally have little hope it will.


In case you’re not aware, Ankylomoloch’s “Taunting resilient group impact” does not match description.

shield are applied to “self” and not to “team”
damage and debuff target “fastest” and not “all opponents”

at least this is what I could test


The number of flock creatures is not displaying appropriately in PvP battles. Instead need to know the lowest level of overall health. Else, you may see 2 creatures (but technically have one based on health cutoff) and get taken out. The counter displaying the number of Compies also sporadically counts backwards.

Tried PvP battle and was stuck in a loop where counter would reset after getting to 27.

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The same goes for the other april fools bosses. It probably is the class icons. Also the goats use still use immunity instead of resistances

Thats an old bug that probably has to do with google play. Also I still keep reconnecting to google play at the most random times

I wanted to point out that the SDS animation (shielded decelerating strike) zooms in on the creature abruptly and then zooms out again.

Also the oh so ever loved purple battle screen glitch is back.


Switch the eagle one for euclaudoceros :joy:

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Thank you for letting us know about this, Funtime_dino! Could I please ask you to email our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key as well regarding some of the issues that you are experiencing? It would really help our team out with issue tracking.

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It happened to me too


Some requirements and special challenges are impossible.

Titanaboa Gen 2 and Arambourgiania dont even have speed decrease resistance…

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