[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.14 Known Issues

Please keep the apato buff
I like it
Also change the cooldown on Group Decelerating Strike to 0


I believe it was mentioned on another thread somewhere possibly on the update one as far as I remember …

Si y no me gusta😠

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Yes and I don’t like it :angry:

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They did communicate it in the same thread as the patch notes.

just hope i can do the last mortem raid tomorrow :cry:

Can you please have apato keep the GDI? It would be a nice little buff for it and make it more usable


Is this intentional? I have more than that


I had that issue as well. Kill the app and restart and it should show the full amount.

Please fix the raid related issues at the earliest.
Even if we click the ‘Accept’ invite, it’s not showing the raid lobby.


Mine just keeps freezing on loading screen or freezing within a couple of seconds of the game opening. Nothing I do seems to make a difference!


Me too I hope they fix it soon because I will be missing out on raids and epic strike towers

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Me too. I cant accept any raids…


Let Apatosaurus keep the GDI move

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I want it to keep the GDI but let the other creatures with GDS have a folding of 0 for that move
Like the group Shattering Strike has a cooldown of 0, the Impact 1, and the Revenge one pn enteloceros has 2
Do the same with the group decel moves


I managed to beat Preondactylus with Apatosaurus btw

Yeah I don’t think that preondactylus will be as good in tournaments as other people think
Just use any sauropod, wuerhusayrus, glyptodon, or doedicurus

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too many changes in a software already full of bugs = too many more bugs.

that’s why i beg for real buf fixes and code optimization for years.



Have any try to wait, when loading is gone and be invited again helped me to get into a raid

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Ye preon’s mediocre health pool doesn’t help it too much

Seriously! They’re obsessed with adding the new shiny, whether it be a new dino or a new mechanic (because those things are easy) rather than fix the long outstanding (hard) bugs.

Things would go much smoother if it went something like:

Q1) Major update - new creatures and new mechanics
Q2) Bug fix release - Fix anything not already hotfixed from Q1 and work on bug backlog
Q3) Minor update - apply the new stuff to a few old dinos to keep them somewhat relevant
Q4) Bug fix release - Work solely on bug backlog

Instead we get almost all new stuff, compounding all the old bugs and making them harder to address.