[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15 Known Issues

Hello DPG Members!

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 2.15.

These issues are actively being investigated:

  • Cunning Rampage is no longer cleansing Damage Over Time (DOT).
  • Evasive Healing is not Healing.
  • Tarbognathus Animation Issues.
  • Visual effects overlay visible on creatures.
  • Alert ability issues with Dodo and Dodocevia.
  • Alert abilities have reversed order effects.

We will keep you posted on the progression of the fixes in this thread.

Thank you!

PS: You might have noticed that Arctodus is spawning in the wild! This change was meant to go out upon the release of 2.15. It will remain on the map until further notice. Happy hunting!

2022-04-21 UPDATE

2022-04-21 UPDATE

  • The Daily Mission Bonus DNA reward was giving the incorrect amount of DNA. This has been resolved.
  • We are investigating Albertocevia’s Swap In Devour Strike not binding the creature upon swapping
  • We are investigating animation issues with Thylaconyx
2022-04-25 UPDATE
  • We were aware of some instances of the Daily Mission Bonus DNA reward still giving the incorrect amount. These have been addressed.
  • Cunning Rampage should now be cleansing DOT.

2022-04-27 UPDATE

  • Alert Peck was changed back to Protective Alert for Dodo and Dodocevia.
  • The Threshold descriptions have been fixed for Tarbognathus.
  • Albertocevia should now be bound after its swap-in ability.
  • Albertocevia’s class icon is now correct in Battle.

I would be happy if dodo keep alert peck


pretty late in the day for this kind of post.

also… it would’ve been nice to know arctodus would be wild spawing in the release notes since that is some much needed dna. i could’ve gone out and hunted instead of being annoyed at the other event exclusive creature.


I assume the bear is in exchange for removing the new dino.

@Daven: Any word on the games increased ‘stickiness’? Even selecting a dino to dart is now causing juddering and freezing. Every exising lag appears to have become twice as bad.


@Daven The counter attack animation on Thylaconyx is also pretty bad. EDIT: And it’s swap in savagery appears to use the same animation.


Haven’t you double check the new creature before releasing the game? What is the team doing when they suppose to do their job?


Just… oh my God… -.-’’

Leave albertospinos as it is… looks really cool with that white tribal tatoo


Man, no albertocevia not getting swap prevented when it swaps in?


Another issue is with the ankylodactylus having the same animations on every flock member leading to some weird, kinda cool, and terrifying results

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No mention of Albertocevia’s Swap In not locking it down as a Known Issue is frightening, it really should not be exempt from the Lockdown restriction that Swap In Abilities always have, especially not on one of the strongest creatures in the gane right now. @Daven can you please pass this on to the developers as well? It isn’t healthy for the game if this issue is allowed to be an intended feature of Albertocevia.


I would like to see it cause I didn’t unlocked it yet

dodocevias back to normal? or what is the issues with them?? :thinking:

Dont forget about the new bug that the new rare is shop exclusive.


yeha i saw that waiting for the lvl 30 blah video :stuck_out_tongue: oh and indot had a wierd one indot vs parra its faster so hits first then parra does the big revenge hit…when it does indots cloak activates and it balsts the parra ghost cloak move i,m calling it

Keep that Dodo and Dodocevia buff


Can 2.16 just be a bug fix release? Dino move error is unacceptable especially it was all ok before.

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auto fill if you ahve say 3 people all lined up hit autofill it kicks everyone out of the lobby and throws you in some random one.raid lobbies in general are buggy the apple invite bug is still there,the raids and game generally are alot laggier than before.rodrigo isnt on the map…how about you throw albert on the map instead of the bear…hmmmmm

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The thylaconyxs moves are glitchy to on the counter and devouring wound it will walk forward then teloport back

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