[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15 Known Issues

havent noticed to busy haveing fun with it its a hoot :stuck_out_tongue: throw it at rinchy raid

And when these bugs are fixed are we getting Tyrannosaurus rex gen 3

Yes very true

Soory to say this, i think the game have TOO MUCH of exclusive creatures (which they are going to use for fusing higher tier creatures) and I think that this strategy that you used in the last few updated show us that how greedy the company are!!!


Ok understandable

sir i have a question .please tell me are we able to put Thylaconyx into the sanctuaries , according to jw alive toolbox

you can’t. that is a bug in the toolbox.

Did this update do something to boosts? I had saved up over 2000 at least of each type. I now have 999 of each type.

What happened?

mine are the same no idea why yours are saying that may have brought it down to 3 digits like darts grab a dino and go to change the boosts see what it says then

Restart your game. It’s a visual glitch

You are correct. Oh my.

i probably miss it because i ahve to reludia the game every 10 minutes when raid lobbies mess up :stuck_out_tongue:

Das stimmt…da kommt man gar nicht mehr nach…immer wieder neue…nix gegen neue Dino`s…muss ja auch sein…aber ist schon etwas zuviel

Translated From German

That’s right…you can’t keep up with them…always new ones…nothing against new dinosaurs…it has to be…but it’s a bit too much

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So many players are experiencing much more of an issue with lag, darting and everything else with the game being slow since the update.

Is this their device not coping with yet more additions to JWA or is it the servers?

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i really hope Dodo and Dodocevia get to keep their special Alert Peck since it’s a cool combination of the better halves of Protective Alert and Allodrigues’ Alert Peck and is really what more Alert abilities should be like. It would also make the Dodos more relevant. i personally believe that it won’t be changed back since it has completely new mechanics. Maybe rename it so that it doesn’t get confused with Allodrigues’?


I wouldn’t be able to check it because I don’t have thylaconyx

  1. Can’t put a hybrid in the sanctuaries
  2. Can’t put a Legendary in the sanctuaries

This is clearly a bug with the toolbox.

and here we are, 2022…

automated software tests are no longer needed to find hidden bugs, anyone just need to run and play the game and find many in 10 minutes.



Hello there,
Concerning this lagging issue, would it be possible to contact Support at support+alive@ludia.com along with your Support Key?
They’ll be able to investigate this issue further.