[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15 Known Issues

i,m readin git
evasive heal
self:heal 1174 100%chance to doge 66% of damage 2 attacks 1 turn unable to swap 2 turns
if you are a2 1 flock member when you swap it does NOT heal or dodge period.
show me in that sentance where it says if in threatened stae it does not work.
it is broken plain and simple

You said it yourself. “Heal” not “Rally heal”

I see that many still find it hard to understand this concept, but if you heal a flock creature, it would heal only the member that is taking the damage, and not exceed the point where a new member would appear.

If your Tarbognathus has 3,000 HP in total means 1,000 HP for each member. Say you currently has 2,000 HP left = 2 full health flock members & you use Evasive Heal then you get 0 heal. If you have 2001 HP left = 2 full health flock members + 1 almost dead flock member & you use Evasive heal then you get 999 heal and back to 3,000 HP. That is because it is NOT RALLY HEAL

Normal HEAL doesn’t revive dead flock members, RALLY HEAL does!

Any updates @Daven or @Ned on the excessive slowness through out the game since the last update? Still can’t play if going over 30MPH, some people (with brand new iphones) can’t barely get into the game and crash whenever they try to play, and just general overall slowness navigating between tabs has made this game pretty unplayable for a number of my alliance members.


You’re beating a dead horse here.

The lag won’t be fixed. It just gets worse after each update.


I know, but just looking for SOME acknowledgment that they’re aware they’re losing more and more players each time they come out with one of these half-tested updates.


Any info when the lag is going to be fixed? Game is pretty much unplayable because of it.


Indeed, except for battling the game lags up to unplayable for me too


You should expect standard reply - -

"Hey there @ you, our team is diligently working on this known issue and any news on this issue will be brought to this thread when we have it. :woman_facepalming:

Thank you!"


This is facts.

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@Ned so tarbognathus swap in heal doesn’t heal still and alert surge is listed as a precise attack while secure but it doesn’t function has precise. Is this still being looked at?


The 2.15 map lag. What a shocker that it still hasn’t been fixed