[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.16 Known Issues

Supply drops are not a problem for me since I don’t really spin them except if I’m needing boosts, interactions, food and/or toys, but maybe that’s also why I’m lacking coins

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Sooo no supply drop glich for me

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You may want to add game freezing after Raids. Screen gets stucked at the end. You need to force close the game and restart…


I’ve heard that you can also get definite power rampage :moyai:
the attack that the mammotherium boss has


Daily missions are now almost impossible to do. This update is useless :frowning:

This list is getting longer and longer after every patch… Seriously how they can make so much mistakes while updating game codes…?


I would like to know if this game is going to get fixed so I can decide if I’m going to keep playing or just quit right now.

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The pass has a notification that is impossible to make go away and it is driving me insane

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There’s just always a red 1 there now

Also can you guys do something about the lag, cause half the time i play the game is frozen


Think I’ve found another bug, somehow my indoT is pretending to be cloaked :joy:


I got rid of the red pass notification by tapping “PREMIUM”, then tapping the red “X” at the bottom of the screen to get out of the premium screen.


That worked. Thanks for posting that tip. :+1:

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Can you fix texture of Andrewtops,
And upload Rexy’s original sound from film.

:point_down: :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’ll try that, thanks

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Ran into this fella at the expert level strike tower. Did a quick check and:

Andrewthops has no texture at all

Honestly i prefer this than its regular skin anyway. Ill just say its a “ghost skin” for now until it gets fixed


It didn’t work for me :frowning:

This just happened. After some testing it seems that this happens only when I’m on wifi. I have internet access so it’s not a connection problem on my end.

The tournament is laggier than ever. It’s affecting speed ties and playability in general. I lose rounds due to the game lagging and crashing mid-battle.