[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.16 Known Issues

Same here. And I hope they give us some giga dna to make up for not being able to complete the quest for lesser emergency heal. That would give me 30 more giga dna but can’t complete it

I’m trying to do the mission where it says I have to use Primal Cleansing Strike but after looking, I realized no creature has that move anymore. What do I do?

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Get a new mission. Until they remove it unfortunately people will continue to get stuck with it

And if you’ve already used your one free replace for the day, write in and they’ll refund you the HC. Because apparently it’s easier to have Bob the intern field thousands of emails per day than it is to remove one line of code.

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Hello DPG members,
We’ve just released 2.16.31, which addresses some known issues!
We know many players have voiced their opinions towards the Daily/Weekly/Monthly Missions.
We’re happy to say that rebalances/changes to these Missions will be deployed tomorrow (June 22nd) at 11:00 AM ET!
Check out the top thread message for the full list of these changes!
As always, we thank you for your support!


Eee how about the laggy buggy map ??


Missions are still a pain even with these modifications, literally all we wanted was the old daily reward system back and you blatantly ignored us. Thanks for nothing


Eh, not really. Most are pretty simple

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So do we get giga dna as compensation for the missions we couldn’t couldn’t complete?

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Thank you! They listened and did something. Even if they could do more, this is a positive change. So thank you.


nope same here tapping the premium thing does nothing stil have a 4 red notification :stuck_out_tongue:

You read that the changes were applied today, right?

I like the new missions.


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|So what about a free pass for a unique…I want a bunch of uniques at the low end…

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