[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.17 Known Issues

For stegodeus sake, why in the world you guys don’t mention the lag. This should be to priority !!! I literally need to reboot the game every 2-3 battles/ raids !


Hey @Ozora_Nadhif, Daven addressed the lag issue two days ago, here: Game Lag Progressively Getting Worse Over Each Update (And Between) - #45 by Daven

Yes. The lag keeps growing on me as well and I’m not surprised they didn’t act quickly and wisely on this yet.

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Shouldn’t this cost less coins to fuse?

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Yep, 1k is for unique

Berserk Decimation has the precise icon, but isn’t actually a precise move. It also swap prevents yourself for 1 turn which isn’t in the text. (It should be a precise move not gonna lie, ghost would beat teryx that way)
Utarinex’s turn 1 stun is 75% not 100%. Proof: In a recent past strike event with Gorgo in it, I tested rinex and it missed a stun. Also says 75% in the text
Dispersed superior vulnerability does not pierce armor. Proof: Tested Tragod in a strike with Stegosaurus in it

And don’t forget… Map lag. This literally needs to stop. It’s been going on far too long ever since 2.15


You need to put “massively battery draining network performance issues” in there. That should have been top priority for years instead of the animation glitch of some dino.


As well as Ghost being locked down after decimation even though it doesn’t say, can we also have it show the actual damage it will do please? It just says attack x 2.5.

Are the team looking at cleaning up all the other errors in creature text?

  • ankylos lux swap in is opposite to text
  • Vasilas on-escape speeds up for 2 turns instead of 1
  • hydra boa has priority when threatened on slippery alert

Are there any I’ve missed? I’m sure their must be.


Is it a known issue that Megalosuchus needs a buff??


Why are the quil thingies removed on the Indotaurus skin

Is it becuese the skin wouldnt look good with those quils, where they removed by mistake or are skins in the future also a different model?

What about this bug that has been in the game for almost FOUR years???

Is it EVER going to get fixed?

Probably not.


they dont care enough most likely


Ferocious Restore for Giganyx says it increases crit by 30% and damage 50% for 2 attacks 4 turns but once you use it it only increases damage for 1 attack 4 turns. Crit increase is correct and works for 2 attacks

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I go to accept my 500 erlikosaurus gen 2 from my group but it never gave it to me

I think the 2 attacks is counted as the heal and then one attack

Ghost having its class wrong if that hasnt been fixed already

Tons of creatures have their classes wrong

Hey @Gigan_Overlord, you will be able to receive assistance with this issue by contacting us through our in-game support. Here’s how:

Tapping your Level icon > Settings > Help & Info > Help & Support > Chat bubble icon on the top right.

Thank you

Yeah but Ghost has its class on the notes as Cunning-fierce, ingame its somehow cunning, while others like albertocevia, even while being classed wrong dont have this issue, because the class on the notes and the Game match.

Its not the same is it?

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Hello DPG members,
Here’s another update concerning the Known Issues for 2.17.
Check out the top post for more information!
Thank you!