[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.18 Known Issues


Hello DPG Members,

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 2.18.

The team is currently investigating or has addressed the following issues:

  • Troodoboa Raid Aura appearing as Apex instead of Unique
  • Group Fierce Impact’s description formatting is now Fixed

We will keep you posted on the progression of the fixes in this thread.

Thank you!

2022-09-27 UPDATE

  • The team is aware of and investigating the visual DNA cap issue with Moros Intrepidus

2022-09-19 UPDATE

  • The team is investigating a known visual issue where some players appear as level 21 instead of the max of level 20. This is only a visual issue and has no impact on progression or gameplay.

2022-09-12 UPDATE

  • The team is investigating issues with Friendly Battles that have increased since the release of 2.18x.

Hello DPG members,
We’ve just updated our Known Issues main post!
Feel free to take a look!