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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.5 Known Issues

Hello DPG Members!

Our team became aware of several issues following the 2.5 update. These issues are being actively investigated and worked on:

  • Certain Achievements not completing despite meeting the requirements.

  • Certain Achievements providing the incorrect Reward(s)

  • Issues with players completing the Tutorial and Campaign Mode

  • Performance issues with certain devices after having updated to 2.5.

We appreciate your support and we will continue to keep you informed as these issues become resolved!

UPDATE: 3/8/21

Below is a list of fixes for issues found in Update 2.5:


  • New installations are no longer blocked from completing the tutorial
  • Returning players should be able to progress in the Campaign mode
  • The Baryonyx Pursuit Achievement description has been updated
  • The Strive for Greatness Achievement now gives the correct reward
  • The Rapid Fire Achievement requirements have been adjusted
  • The Legendary Drone Hunter Achievement now gives the correct reward
  • The Blue Intensity Achievement now gives the correct reward
  • The Must Shoot Faster Achievement now gives the correct reward


  • Difficulties completing the Event Efforts Achievement
  • Performance issues with certain devices after having updated to 2.5

All players that had received the incorrect Achievement rewards will be identified and have the correct rewards sent to their in-game mailboxes. This post will be updated when the Mails will start being sent out.

Thank you for your support! Rest assured we are continuing to work on addressing the additional issues mentioned and your understanding is appreciated.

Update: 3/15/21

After restarting your apps on March 15th, 2021 10:00 AM ET the following changes will take effect:

  • The Even Efforts Achievement requirements have changed to require players to complete 30 Strike Event battles
  • The Drone Deadshot Achievement Epic requirements have been reduced from 10 to 8
    We are still continuing to investigate the cause of performance issues on certain devices after updating to 2.5. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for an acknowledgement list.

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So that’s things like the draw strike tower achievement. And some wrong badges.
Thanks for working on it!

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If the achievement did have the incorrect reward but we already completed it, I hope we will still be able to get the correct reward.


There’s also an achievement that isn’t possible to complete without VIP, it’s the one where you have to shoot 15 darts in one drone session which is not possible without VIP, so i’d really appreciate if you looked into that one, thanks!


Acknowledging issues is step one but it seems resolving them has been completely missing for months now.
Thus, we would be glad to see some fixing happening prior the next update.


I mean if you were cynical, you might say that was deliberate. There’s another achievement which is impossible without vip.


With ludia i could believe that. It’s either been purposely done that way, or just a result of bad game design

Not to mention the game is laggy AND we still get kicked out of raids


Has anyone mentioned that you NEED to have VIP to get the 15 darts on 1 dino achievement?
That doesn’t seem fair…
The name of the achievement is "Rapid Fire.


I have, and I hate it. One big flaw in the achievements. Hopefully it is supposed to be 13

What about new creatures such as corythosaurus? @Eugene

this is an update fix, not another update. As for new creatures we’re prob gonna have to wait til 2.6 unless they pull another 2.5 on us


Out of curiosity, what constitutes as a single drone session?

from the start of daring a creature to the end of the timer.


Which one?

I believe its mainly darting ones such as 15 shots on a dino
I feel like its also 10 direct hits on an epic but i feel like that’s possible with few dinos like koolasuchus

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It is possible, I’ve done 11 once on a deer. Unfortunately that was before the achievements… It’s super hard though.
Can’t think of another achievement that can’t be done without VIP.

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i suck at darting. it took me 4 attempts to get 6 direct hits on an epic, nevermind 10. and its a requirement to unlock the next rank of achievements. i’d be stuck on that basically forever.


Please change the rapid fire achievement to 12. Achievements should not force you to pay for anything to complete them. Pay to progress faster sure, but this is impossible without VIP and if it’s just a quick cash grab really poor showing on your end.

Also it is currently impossible to draw on strike tower, it gives you a success even if you die and opponent bleeds out.