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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.5 Maintenance Delay

Hello DPG members,

Due to matters out of our control, it is taking longer than expected for the update to become available. We understand that the maintenance times are longer than usual, but the game will be available to play as soon as it is made available.

Thank you for your patience!


Thank you for making a public announcement. We may be impatient, but we can deal if communication is available.


Thanks for telling after 5 HOURS IN! seriously though we understand but ya got make these updates know to us faster that way people don’t waste so much time just sitting and waiting.


better get a move on i need to the hydro raid yet. or i’ll just take 200 dna in compo :smiley:

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Neat! Glad we cleared that up.

Edit. Wasn’t meant to be toxic, just poking fun.


But yes thank you for the official announcement. Much appreciated.


Finally. That’s way too long

“…the game will be available to play as soon as it is made available…” happy to know this!

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Thank you for this info. I will stop complaining now :smile:

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Not enough communication. Tell us what the problem is. Without us you can make your game but will not get paid for it.


Ludia goes into another maintence break, but secretly remember they have made no significant changes this update. Btw ludia is the worst at having update delays. They need to have a better more efficient system like EA does. Enjoy watching Mojang dominate ludia with update speeds from now on.

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Would you mind giving a heads up @moderators when it does go live.


Update showed up on play store just now for me

Nothing for IOS yet :slightly_frowning_face:

Or Android. NVM it’s out!

Cash compensation after 6 hours plus of maintenance is insulting. We asnplayers are missing out on numerous aspects of the game suppy drop collection, strike events, raids, battle incubators and dna collecting. All of these things can not be smoothed over with in game cash that doesn’t equate to being able to do anything with.


It’s out for android.

Not for my android

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En ludĂ­a cuando va estar la actualizaciĂłn para los de iPhone