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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.5 Maintenance Delay

that still doesn’t mean they can do anything if apple is the one holding it up.


So what you’re saying is that anyone who doesn’t demand for a thing Ludia doesn’t need to provide to people has no common sense? If it’s Apple that screws everything up then it’s not Ludia’s mistake my dude.


At they very least they could provide better updates for ios users. “the game will be available to play as soon as it is made available.” is the most unhelpful response ever.

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android took over 6 hours too. based on history, what’s more likely … ludia messed up? or apple and google simultaneously messed up the same thing at the same time?

all apple and google had to approve were badge icons and text :roll_eyes:

Once again, if they can’t control the situation or do not receive information about the status of the update, how in the world do you expect Ludia (who has no control over this situation) to update us?

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You’re making a lot assumptions. If that is indeed the case, they could at least say “We’ve reached out to apple and they still have no updates for us.” It would show that they’re trying their best on their end. Little things like communication goes a long way. Doesn’t get me in the game faster, but at least assures me they’re doing what they can.

“the game will be available to play as soon as it is made available.” Does not

It doesn’t seem like I can get the message through to you, so I wish you the best of luck with your demanding of Apex DNA. I can already tell you what the answer will be, but good luck wasting your time :+1:

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every mobile game has to send their updates into google and apple for approval. haven’t played one yet that takes more than 10-20 minutes of down time. 7 hours is not on apple or google.


Maybe not apex but they should give us an acces to boost incubators-which they didnt😞

Its up and running for me, some of these titles and emotes are kinda dumb…

Guess what I did play other games like COD mobile or the game or halo. B like him.

Right back at you. I’m talking to an assumptious wall who thinks to have the whole story when we’ve had very little information from Ludia. At the very least I just want more communication from Ludia, but apparently that’s too demanding according to you.

And I wasn’t demanding Apex DNA for myself, just advising those who are unfairly being denied access to the raid. (Be it apple or Ludia’s fault it doesn’t matter. Ludia is the one that needs to make it right). They compensated players who only got 10 DNA on the first trebax raid, so it doesn’t seem unlikely that they’ll compensate those who are locked out of the game.

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The game seems to finally be out on iOS now, so thankfully the arguing is irrelevant.

This, I play and have played many mobile games that have to go through this approval process. If the update is not approved in over 20 minutes it means google or apple found something wrong with the update and Ludia needs to fix it.

This beyond our control nonsense is just Ludia trying to pass the buck. Apple and google approve what’s likely 100s of updates daily. It’s only Ludias I’ve ever seen with these kind of issues.


Thank you for not fixing this