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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.6 Known Issues

Hello DPG Members,

Our team has been made aware of several issues following Update 2.6. These issues are being actively investigated and worked on:

  • Dodo Scent was given out incorrectly. Issue has been fixed (03/23/21)
  • Players stuck in the “Shared Advertisement Data” message loop when speeding up Incubators. This issue is being investigated
  • An additional undiscovered creature portrait is appearing in the Collection. This issue is being investigated.
  • Poukandactylus speed change. This is an issue in-game and in the Release Notes. Poukandactylus should have a speed of 127 after Update 2.6.

We appreciate your support and we will continue to keep you updated as these issues become resolved!

04/01/2021 Update

  • Version 2.6.30 has been released to download. Downloading this update will mitigate the issue of players getting stuck in the “Shared Advertisement Data” message.
  • The mystery 6th creature is no longer displayed
  • We are still looking into Poukandactylus’ speed issue
  • A new discovered issue with the ability title “Distraction” being replaced with “Reduced Damage” is being investigated
  • We are investigating reports of players that see the Epic DNA Share button but are unable to request Epic DNA (this is separate from the initial Epic DNA Share issue mentioned in the 2.6 Release Notes)

04/12/2021 Update

  • Poukandactylus’ Speed has been changed to 127
  • We discovered an issue with Antarctovenator’s counter-attack. It should now Nullify first then Counter-Attack. The behavior is now present but the description update is still ongoing.

04/15/2021 Update

Version 2.6.33 has been released for download. This update addresses:

  • Additional back-end optimizations
  • Issues with the Hybrid Pursuit spawning for certain players

04/26/2021 Update

  • Version 2.6.34 released on iOS today for further required back-end optimizations

The ability DISTRACTION is erroneously named as Reduced Damage.

In the patch note, they said the change is only applied to descriptions, not names.


Took y’all long enough to say something

This was intentional.

EDIT: What they didn’t do was apply it consistently. Lots of other moves that still refer to “distraction”.

Antarctovenators counter should nullify first then attack


the actual move distraction is named that not just the effect

actually the ability names shouldn’t have been affected. just descriptions and the dynamic text.

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Sure, I mean I guess they could have gone either way with it but of course we land in the middle, yet again. :roll_eyes:

No, they said the change is only applied to descriptions, not names.

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Oh, I see now. Misunderstood it my first read through. Apparently so did they! :crazy_face:


yes, it should…

They said that it wouldn’t change all the move names. I’d prefer if they didn’t change any names. I like how when something gets distracted the effect says “reduced damage” and stuff like that, but the move names should stay the same. I don’t want to see “reduced damage impact” or “swap in reduced damage” or “Instant reduced damage”.


Agreed. Also under resistances it’s now called “reduced damage” and I see the same argument there. “They didn’t reduced damage me, they Instant distracted me”, not understanding they’re one in the same.

I think in battle it’s fine to have the red text saying “reduced damage” but for moves and descriptions is should have been left alone.


While they’re at it, I do think the name and icon for distraction could change. It’s too similar to distracting strike and people can get confused. Distracting Strike could easily have a red icon more similar to distracting impact (distracting rampage could have this too, and the current white distracting rampage icon can be given to pounce to differentiate it from Rampage). The funny thing is, someone was complaining about distraction and distracting strike having identical icons all the way back when distraction first came out in like 1.7, and they never fixed it. Or if they did, they changed it back.


The trifecta of Pounce, Rampage, and Devastation always gets me. How are they all the same icon??


I think devestation is actually slightly different (more claws), but the other two should have been differentiated a long time ago. And the white distracting rampage icon is honestly perfect for pounce. Just give it the old red icon back like distracting impact.

Edit: never mind, devestation is also the same. Well it SHOULD have more claws


well isnt that just devastating.

I’ll see myself out.


Woah woah woah. NOWHERE did you mention a speed nerf to Poukan. Nowhere. Why should we have yet another cunning that’s garbage, all because of a mild buff? This thing only has 1x moves. There’s NO NEED to nerf the speed.


Yeah this is still an unannounced speed nerf. It’s of course not as bad as 123, but it’s still completely unnecessary.


There was not a change to Poukan speed at all according to the patch notes…