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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.8 Known Issues

Be careful what you say, you might get in trouble. No disrespecting the all mighty Ludia

They show with their updates, bugs and ignoring players much more than anybody can ever say.


Not to mention S.rex G3 is lacking the bony crests present in Gorgosaurus.

Agree. I’m playing this game since first month it came and still playing as a “lone wolf” (OK - with my son - so it’s two of us). Don’t want any friends alliance etc. I wish to get some apexes but to get them alone it’s just impossible.

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30,70,20,30, 10,50here

Thx for the update.
I have one bug that has, well, bugged me for awhile.
After a PVP battle, when you go to Recently Battled and click on an opponent’s creatures, the levels of your own creatures are shown. This is useless as you can obviously check your own creature levels anytime. It would be much more helpful to see the opponent’s creature levels to help determine why you may have lost the battle or where your own creatures need to be to have a better chance. We used to be able to do this, but not now for months.
Also, sometimes opponents don’t appear at all in Recently Battled.


Yep the PVP is getting worse instead of getting better. Hell I lost 6 times in a row because they kept putting me against people with a lvl 19 indominas Rex and a lvl 16 or above indominas Rex gen 2. Six times in a row. I lost a total of 186 trophies but I regained about half back. I have played PVP battles before but none quit this bad. And another thing every 3 battle it times out. I thought they said they was going to improve the PVP but I guess that was just wishful thinking. Ludia fails again. And why would you release an update and have known fails in it. That is just like selling someone a car and when they pay for it the sales man or sales woman goes oh by the way that car has no engine in it.

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Purchase issue back on iPhone

If you keep releasing bugged updates without fixing previous bugs you should stop referring to the release as an update.

It seems as you either can’t fix or can’t be bothered to fix the issues players raise. I would say it’s can’t be bothered as you jump on some errors like I a fat boy on a cake.


It does stun, you might just be unlucky

Can you add the Ouranosaurus next pls :sunglasses:

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They already added ourano, alonh time agooo


What? Some players already got it in the meantime?

I contacted support last week and only got the feedback that this will be fixed this week.
Well, still waiting…

Ouranosaurus has been in the game since it first came out, before the 1st update even

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I’m in an allience with my husband, thats it. I really don’t feel like having anyone else, so why should those of us who don’t want to have a huge alliance or tons of friends, and just want to play the game and collect dinos have to suffer and go without? While everyone else that are in alliances and have all these friends will always a have the apex? It’s dumb.

Why don’t you do The I Rex failure mulisurus but make gen1 gen2 and gen3 but make them hybrids make gen1 legendary gen2 epic and gen 3 unique please do it next week

Same hier. I lost everytime on PVP now. It’s crazy. I dont see anything better in this game but only the worst. Sometimes i want to give up the JWA game. I’m not really impressed with this new version for me it’s still the same

Can y’all please add these features in the next update ?

  1. A way to talk to friends like we talk in PUBG.
    2)A daily login calendar that gifts resources and special dinosaur DNA.
  2. Alliance Wars.
  3. Aquatic Creatures like the Mosasaurus.
  4. New Creatures like Arthropluera,Araneo,Onyc,Purlovia,Tropeognathus,Direwolf,Direbear,Giganotosaurus and Pulmonoscorpious.
    (Yep I know these creatures from ARK Survival.)

Upvote this if you guys also want these features to be added in the further update.


Well the Giga is gonna come around the time of Dominion since it’s gonna be in the movie. Pretty sure they want a canon design.


Jurassic World Evolution has the canon design, they’re only waiting for the movie so they can advertise it with Giga.