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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.8 Known Issues

From what we’ve seen from leaks though, it looks quite different

Thank you for updating , appreciate your proactivity

This is great thank you for the heads up!

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I guess they rolled out after the update yesterday. I received mine today as well as others in my team.

How about y’all fix matchmaking! Ever since this stupid update I’ve been fighting lv 26-30 legendaries and uniques with my lv 18-20 team

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I mean, they did change it so matchmaking is only based on your current trophy count, not your team. So this might be a consequence of that.

There is another problem… why scorpius gen3 don’t has the horns?

Please Change indoraptor gen2 's mutual fury to ferocious strike

Someone please help I just got switched to an account from three years ago I don’t even have any Epics yet I had 1 legendary

Let’s hope this Dominion Giga to be a savage one and more dangerous than ARK one.

I can’t login with google account

Oi ludia, when did you change the move “Super distraction” in the refrenantem raid?!

Gen3 used against a thor I used instant ambush which is a dodge and reduced damage. Thor next move was instant stun attack killed me with 3800 damage hit. Certainly the dodge could have been missed by the percentage but thor can’t cleanse a damage reduction and the instant stun is a 1x hit. Should have been half reduced and wasnt

Ouranosaurus is already in the game. That’s just you.

thats why many of us have discords to join. we can talk about ramdom stuff, strats for raids, and other gaming stuff

También he tenido problemas al ganar incubadoras de cualquier tipo, dónde debe ir el icono de la cápsula no aparece y al abrir las incubadoras se queda pasmado y tengo que reiniciar.

Translated from Spanish

I have also had problems winning incubators of any kind, where to go the capsule icon does not appear and when opening the incubators it is stunned and I have to reboot.

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Wait, Metriacanthosaurus Gen 2? Does it mean that they’re going to add it in a future update?


There comes a time in every JWA players life where they discover the Metriacanthosaurus (or should I say Metriachantosaurus) Gen 2 glitch :joy: It’s been in there for a while, likely as a placeholder. It probably won’t be added any time soon, but it’s always possible that it could be added eventually.