[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update Delay (October 19, 2020)

Everybody should run and do Hadros and Mortem before the update


Woohoo it’s happening this week!

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Thanks for telling us! I’m happy to wait.

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I can wait
hoping for acro and eremocurus and sonoragamma
or at least sonophosaurus (Sonorasaurus + dilophosaurus)
so since none of that happened I can wait

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So tomorrow tomorrow morning at 10 am est the boost shuffle is over. So in order to play the game until the update we need to battle unboosted or battle pre 2.2 then lose boosts after the update? @Ned

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actually, they’ve extended the Boost Reshuffle event until Thursday


Yay we get to bosst stuff for raids

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DID they really? I missed that announcement.

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Don’t quite understand how Thora is getting nerfed?

ability 3: Group Shattering Impact changed to Group Shattering Rampage
HP: 4350 changed to 4500

Group impact is now group rampage… Clearly a big buff and he (or she) is getting another 150 hp added as well… I don’t see the nerf…

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It’s buffed for Arena, but nerfed for the raid because the group attack is delayed (so you cannot attack all three dinos and break shields with it until the second turn… :frowning:


Same 4 turn dmg output just slightly better in arena hurt bad in raids tho

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fear of thor 2.2 makes me doubt whether to punch the wall jaaj


I wasn’t even expecting the update until next week, so knowing its coming this week is actually a nice surprise for me!


Where does it say it’s delayed?

see the patch notes and go to the “new abilitates” section

[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.2

there will be the cooldown for 2 turns


Gotcha… That makes sense but it’s still double attack in stead of 1.5… and more health to make up for it. Think it will be better

It certainly will be better in arena. That turn 2 is looking scary again. But yeah, it’s raid viability is questionable now. It loses that turn 1 group damage that made it so good. But it’s turn 2 raid damage can be so strong now, assuming your team survives the minions during turn 1. In fact, doing 2x shattering damage to all opponents at any time feels too strong to me. But it really needs that turn 1 group attack to stay as relevant as it was.

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It would definitely be better, in PvP, since in raids, having a group attack from the first turn made it good.

many people use GSI to kill the minions, now we will have to try new methods

I think they may add the rhino vexus for 2.3.

Great, just when I activated a 24 hour incubator, we get the news that it’s delayed… talk about luck :expressionless: