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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update on Issues and Patches Post Update 1.7

Hello fellow DPG members,

Since Update 1.7, we are aware that issues have arisen, some of which have already been fixed, others that are in the process of being fixed. Please see below for details.

Confirmed fixes:

  • Stat Boosts: the ability to purchase Stat Boost multiple times should not have been made available. See below point 2 for more details.
  • White flash during reward collections
  • Matchmaking instability
  • Prowl ability not Cleansing
  • Drone controls settings adjusted to mitigate changes from 1.6. To 1.7.
    • The initial adjustments were intended to provide for smoother on-boarding of new players, however, the feedback indicated that the changes were too abrupt for existing players.

Imminent fixes:

  • Hungarian game fix affecting game access for players in Hungary.
  • Pink VFX in battle affecting players when connectivity was lost.
  • Damage miscalculation affecting certain creatures in battle.
  • Soft lock affecting all low-end devices and more particularly iOS 12 players with 1GB of RAM.
  • Tournament Medals: players can now gain and lose 30 medals in wins and losses. See below point 1 for more details.
  • Tournament AI: AI button is no longer available in tournament. This was never intended. See below points 1 and 2 for more details.
  • Tournament Reward Display: Some players were incorrectly informed that they were in the top 500 at the end of the tournament. See below point 1 for more details.

Related to the above are the following announcements.

  1. The upcoming Tournament (05/10) will be the same as the last one (05/03). Boosts and AI will be entirely disabled and it will include the new medal deferential for wins and loses (see above).
  2. A reminder that under normal circumstances exploiting bugs is a violation of our Fair Play and Community Guidelines. However, due to the multiple issues emerging from Update 1.7, we have decided to take full responsibility of both the Stat Boost and Tournament AI exploits. We will not be penalizing players attempting to make the most of our game while it is not operating to our standards.

Our apologies to all those affected by the above issues. Our team is still working on mitigating these bugs and we are in ongoing discussions as to how to proceed moving forward. More information is to come.


All good info. Thanks Jorge. This is what we love


Now I kinda regret not battling AI all weekend to get that 30K HC :joy::joy::joy::joy:

But seriously, next time, a bug like this, you guys should at least tell everyone battling AI is okay in this tournament so that everyone had the equal chance to win that 30K HC.


What?? No. This is wrong. This is bad.


I really really hope this doesn’t mean you’re gonna let players keep whatever stat boosts they’ve managed to buy.


Why not removing stat boosts entirely? that will fix the now existing problem on the cheaters that nos has invincible teams… and dont you dame making another tournament only to keep giving all top prices to the same 4 people as you’ve been doing since always, WE WANT TO GET A CHANCE TOO


So not penalising players for exploits…

Well done ludia… Lost all my respect, well what little I had scince 1.7


Note to future self, keep battling while taking advantage of exploits and be rewarded. So glad VIP went a while ago


I assume this is the issue that some of us have where we can’t get Arena battles? Please make this a priority as right now I cannot complete daily missions.

Fair play but that won’t please many players. Something really needs to be done about them.

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Funny how the guy who got 3rd by fighting bots for 24 hours is the first to respond with a big thanks…


So instead of making things right in the arenas, bringing back balance… you fix the smaller issues and all who benefitted from the glitches, bugs and other mess get to keep the cash as well as the boosts. Making life for all of us who DID PLAY ACCORDING TO YOUR FAIR USE AND PLAY POLICY miserable and benefitting even more from us? This is truly sad…


I want a full refund of this game. This is crap and you know it! So they CHEATED and exploited the game and you will do nothing?! This is poor consumer relations and you are rewarding bad behavior!


Do u have proof he did?


Who? 101010

I posted earlier a video of Prowl currently working on Smilodon but not Marsupial Lion . Hope fix is for Prowl skills in all creatures.



Didn’t finish 3rd. Finished 4th

there was another T-rExploit hunter top 5 too i think

NOT by playing legit…

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I’ll be playing in this tournament too. Hope to see you all there :kissing_heart::v: