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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update on Issues and Patches Post Update 1.7


Should have seen the day they tried to update to MacOS X, there was actual radioactive material remaining!


I posted this elsewhere but this is my take… the small update today was for a hard fix on the speed boost bypass. But is now greyed out when you dont have enough boosts to go up a tier. If they were reworking that system… no rush on a hard fix… its more likely they are preparing to put boosts in the shop again.

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If they put boosts in the shop then I’m done. I’m not spending money in this stupid game while chasing a rainbow. A fool and his money are soon parted and running across a field chasing pretty colors sounds exhausting.


Not seen any way Ludia can make boost money by another means.

Not being harsh to those who will quit. But no way is a company deliberately losing money. I think the analysis they’re close to putting boosts back on sale is correct.

Just hope they nerf the boosts so there is more than boosted Thor, Tryko, Dc.


Ludia have said they can’t interfere with changing a players dinos so we are stuck with over the top leveled Thors, I was told this in a email when I questioned it.

I also believe ludia have no idea what to do and is hoping the issue will go away.


It will eventually… boosts have a cap… some are just gonna get their sooner because of this. Just like these thors that are faster then your whole team… thors cap out at 209 speed… lots are faster then that. These temporary imbalances are just temporary…

I didnt have hopes they would fix the issue… but the match making algorithm changes… the hard fix to the speed boost bypass… all point to them taking all the action they are gonna take.

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That’s a bunch of BS to make you stop annoying them. They had no problem nerfing monomimus, DG2 and plenty other dinos to the ground.

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I agree with you tbh ludia have never really been honest


But Ludia doing it that way doesn’t solve the problem.

If a bunch of sharks escape an aquarium into a kiddie pool, closing the gates isn’t going to stop the already loose sharks eating the kiddies lol.

They need to stop the boost sale (which they did today with the button change) AND remove the ill-gotten boosts. Refund if necessary I don’t care, but reset them.

But of course Ludia will do what they always do, and take the easy way out.


There’s literally just bugs floating around in their coffee.

And they just drink it, cause they have no idea what to do.


:clap: your right, drop in the bucket but i still applaud you. Hopefully more people do the same. I canceled vip months ago, and i quit completely when 1.7 came out… its not worth playing this garbage in my opinion. Honestly if you do quit youll feel great. Take your life back.


Yes!!! Keep canceling those VIPs! Just want to share something I mentioned in a different post… these issues are the result of pure greed… ludia apparently just underestimated the resulting backlash since they’ve previously been so effective in exploiting people. I understand how some people feel about the game, but most gamers do not understand how addictive behaviors work …its just not a topic most people study, but i can assure you that every aspect of this game is built around exploiting people. Who do you think comes up with the ideas for the new updates? Ludia has full time psychologists on their staff, and very smart ones at that… these are the biggest decision makers. People keep asking “why they dont balance the game?”, but thats not the end goal. im amazed by how oblivious everyone seems to be about the psychological aspect of the game. My advise is to quit before this game ruins your life.


How has Lydia not banned you from the forums yet?
No offense personally. But to say such direct criticism against them as a company, call out their bull💩 directly, and emphatically endorse anyone quitting VIP… I mean, wow… They must be so oblivious to the players that anything goes at this point!


Lol, no offense taken. Hey its really all just honest feedback, theyve blocked a few posts for random reasons, like the time i posted a screenshot from a rediculous email they sent me, i shined a spotlight and i guess it was too specific for them.