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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Updated Drone Range


Hello fellow DPG members,

Based on player feedback, we are greatly increasing the interaction range on the map.

Strike Events can now be interacted with from up to 150 meters away (200m for VIP members.)

Supply Drops, Treasure boxes and Special Event Supply Drops can now also be opened from up to 150 meters away (200m for VIP members). Open them from long range for a portion of the full reward, or move into close range to collect everything.




I am very good these updates and improvements.


Wow the rewards diminish hard when you open from farther way.


Has anyone tried this with strike events yet? What’s the damage?


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That’s what they said


But better as you get nothing because you are to far away :wink:


It’s only supply drops that are affected, strike rewards remain the same.


Nice job Jurassic world


Thanks. Finally figured it out last night. They should update their wording! :slight_smile:


Good to hear


Okok nice work


I wish there was ways to use the coins instead of cash on buying like scent pods and more the darts


This greatly enhanced the experience for me because it has felt like such a wasteland for building up cash for so long, but this recent update has made it so much easier and attainable to upgrade dinos.


@Jorge apparently customer service told someone the rewards do change depending on how far you are from the strike tower. Can we please have a certain and definitive answer regarding this matter? I’m sure this is something you can do,. Thanks


@J.C @Sara @Ned. Can you guys please clarify?


@Ned will as soon as he gets in. I honestly don’t know the answer :frowning:


Cool, thanks for replying!