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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Updated Drone Range


Why would they tell you guys the answer. I mean, you only work there. Now we understand why it takes for ever to get a response from support…They don’t even communicate with their fellow employees…

I am getting the full amount from the strike towers from a distance. We did the level 30 one yesterday from my house. It was 100 meters away and got full rewards on 3 accounts. The only thing I have noticed decreased was the chests, which gave 222 instead of 888 and the supply drops are a lot less.


Ned is part of support, I am not.


That was my point, why would only one group know and not everyone.


Hey Dinocop, I’ve been doing the Strike events from a distance and getting the full rewards as well, and I must say, I love this feature! As this is still fairly new in the game, we’re just making sure we get all the information before confirming anything with players. I’ll be sure to try and give everyone an update soon.


Thanks. I bet everyone loves this new feature. And the alliance missions. I have always got full rewards from the strike towers from a distance.

Tower proximity affects rewards

Hey DPG members, a little news update! Your distance will not affect the rewards when completing a Strike event. The only thing that should be affected are resources from Supply Drops, Event Supply Drops, and Treasure Chests.


New “Drone Range” why? Game was fine as it was before. You had to move to play the game. Now you can just sit on your couch and play and not have to move.

Seriously, I can sit on my couch and now hit 8 supply drops, which seemingly rotate between events, and chests. If I catch some drift from switching between mobile data and WIFI, I can hit 2 more supply drops. I don’t live in a big city. I live out in the 'burbs.

There are more supply drops in my neighborhood than the part down the road that is easily 5x larger than my neighborhood.

This is a disappointing update to say the least. I would of hoped you would of fixed some of the actual game play issues vs making us lazier than we were.


Thanks for giving us your feedback @GravityKills! We’ve increased the range of the Drone based on the number of player’s feedback we’ve received. It also allows the game to be more inclusive for players who are experiencing harsher winters at the moment and allow them to still collect resources at a further distance. However, there are diminishing returns because your distance from the Supply Drop determines how much resources you can collect, this means you’ll still have to move into close range to collect the full portion of the resources from a Supply Drop.


So because it’s winter in half the world, you are making the game “easier” to play? This seems like a change that will be hard to go back on later in the game.

It’s been super cold here too, but if I want to play, I still have to go out to interact with the supply drops or event drops. Or I simply just don’t play if I don’t want to go outside because it’s too cold.

Introducing “Lazy Mode” for JW:A really seems to be against the entire aspect of the game. But now, that we can just play from our couches, it almost seems like you are saying, that not moving is OK.

Based on that, spoofing must be OK now too, because “It’s too cold out”.


Forum rules guys, not just suggestions.


Customer service told me it does affect it but we went in circles with trying to understand my question. I feel like I’m getting less rewards from the incubators but that may be a bug with them


Not much of an upgrade when you get less than half as much as you normally would…What good is 3 darts and 12 coins going to do? Yea, shove it…glad I don’t pay for this


It’s extremely useful for daily missions and alliance missions.


Yea, just like it’s extremely useful to spend week’s harvesting dna to infuse ahybrid, only to get 10 lousy dna per infusion, and costing 500 of one dino DNA each infusion totally wasting all that time you spent gathering basic dna and now have to spend now time getting more…I think I got 20 once, and only once.but after that it’s 10 10 10 10 10…is this done on purpose?


Love it! Love it! Love it!! This is so Awesome! Thanks guys and gals!


Wow cool genial brother


thanks for letting us know!


Very Perfect games


Before I couldn’t get the supply drops now I have a chance at them…thank you for adjusting it


Please don’t backlash at me but I was unable to get to any supply drops or battle incubators. I was not just sitting on the couch as you say. But I do not live in a city so I guess the GPS does not work right out here. I will be on the road and it would position me way off and never recalculate. So yes I’m appreciative of the upgrade. Now the game is better for us out in the sticks. The supply drops range from 9-34 coins but better than nothing. Sorry if I offended you.