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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Updated Statement on Cheater Protocol


Hello fellow DPG members,

Today we are happy to announce that our team of analytics is updating their methodology for tracking and identifying cheaters. These new techniques will not only include spoofers but also players who have managed to break and doctor the game (note: the use of an emulator falls into this category). These are all violations to our Terms and Services.

These changes represent significant progress towards a fairer and more positive experience. That being said, we will continue to count on the community to propel further improvements to our methods.

Thank you all for your support and cooperation,



First! Cool…




Keep up the good work!




Fantastic news to hear! Keep up the good work on this front, we’re in full support!


still fighting against cheats…

I really can’t understand about “why are they
still using craps in this game?”…
but it’s fine.

unlike your event rework idea,
you’re doing good right now.

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Thanks Ludy!:two_hearts:

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Thank you LUDIA. @Ludia_Developers. It truly stinks that you even have to do this- but thank you for your diligence and continue to fight the good fight!


cant wait to see the results.

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Short question. Does it count as cheating when you play the game in landscape mode? Like in this video explained:

Just asking. Don’t want to annoy or break rules

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Please remove flagged cheaters from alliances too. Any alliance with flagged cheaters is benefiting from spoofed dna being donated to them.


Ban them. Ban them all.

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How about just “remove all cheaters”?

I’m good with that.
30 day warning.
If flagged again:
Perma ban.

Scratch that.
Perma ban for them all.
Ill gotten goods be gone.

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I’m so doomed. Me, a naive flagged spoofer turned legit is going to get his just desserts.


Cheating at a game that offers no prize other than bragging rights. That’s pretty sad. It ruins the game for those who play legit. I’ve been playing since about 3 weeks after the release and love the game. Cheaters and spoofers make the game boring.


screw the warning crap. dumbest rule ever. ban them and delete their accounts.


I think a warning for first is fine. I mean there can always be human errors so getting your account deleted because of that would be really bad gaming experience.
Also coming from pogo there were third party apps (IV calculators and other apps) that could maybe get a false flag on your account even though this has nothing to do with cheating. So getting your account terminated because of this would be pretty harsh :slight_smile:

Still cheating in a game is just a lazy way of playing and they should get “punished”

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Ludia: We are removing cheaters