[News] Jurassic World Alive | Valentine Event 2020

Snuggle up to the upcoming Valentine Event!

Between February 10th and February 17th, go out and collect Valentine theme Treasure Chase rewards and scents. Don’t forget to explore the Map and the Market for resources needed to create Community’s best loved Legendaries before this event ends.

On February 14th, take on those charming serpents and win an Epic reward!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Oh? Epic strike with sneks maybe?


At least this might be a way to get Titanoboa then.


hoping for an epic strike with the titanoboa line. That’s going to be fun to take on.


Snek would be good seeing as how they don’t EVER SPAWN!!! One seen all week, with over 15 hours hunting.


I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that we can all get a good chance of completing Titanoboa on the day.

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dont get your hopes too high friend

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really going ham on those cash grabs huh?

Increase the snake spawns during this week? Really I am already fusing the legendary. But it hasn’t really been fun like the mammoth was because it actually really spawned.

Also, it sounds like a fun week just wish they’d up the spawn %chance on the epic snake before it goes away. @Ludia_Developers


i have only seen 1 wild snake. and that was a few days ago. haven’t seen any since.
maybe this weekend when i can get out more.


I have yet to see the epic snake in the wild. I saw the rare ones a few times.

It’s pretty messed up. Idk the exact percentage of spawn rate but it feels like the lovely <1% that they do. Its all extreme luck. That ends up being not so fun. I’ll create and level dilophaboa some but spinoconstrictor seems out of the question with this spawn rate lol.

The mammoth was luck aswell but I feel like it had a higher chance. Which did make it a bit more fun.


agreed. mammoth was more fun. I saw plenty of them (most out of range). This snake is too elusive.

I understand they want to make it tough. But imo right now it’s way too low and with all the global epics and smilodon pursuit… That mixed with this tiny chance.

You see like a person as a passenger can use all that gas and find absolutely none. It even happened to me.

While I’ve been a bit on a lucky side it’s not actually that fun. It’s more frustrating because how lucky it is and it’s kind of meh. I can’t celebrate much that I’m close to unlocking the legendary when some of my alliance mates haven’t even seen one.

The mammoth I bragged all day because we all found some I just found more haha. Now in this situation. I just hope people find them. Its frustrating!

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in our alliance of 46 only 4 have them so far. and that’s after someone got it in the sanc in the first place.
It’s super frustrating to not even find one so far.

ludia should up the spawn chance considerably. Not saying it should be literally everywhere, but have somewhere close to the spawn rate of the mammoth. that’s what will get people excited.

Man I’d be happy to see Titanoboa Gen 2, I have not seen a single one yet, I mean I don’t go out a lot either which doesn’t help, but still haven’t seen anything since the Titanoboa update. So hopefully I’ll at least see one during the event.

Does anyone know what the communities best loved legendaries are yet?

The release of snake and shocking spawn rate had removed my enjoyment of the game. Having only 2 creatures left to create I’m finding it beyond frustrating that everything is now down to money. VIP store… Exactly the same offers as earlier in the week. Baryonx reward just horrible for the 1st time in over a year I’m not completing daily challenges.

I pray for ardontosaur :+1: