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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Valentine Event 2020

The problem is the RNG seems just TOO random. I see lots of people complaining about the snake, and even the rare one. I’ve seen (and darted of course) several epics (over 10 at least) and tons of the rare.

On the other hand, I am yet to see a single turtle at a park, considering it’s been a park spawn for months now. I’ve got a few in the wild, months ago, and never more. Haven’t seen a single one probably since November.

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Maybe a titanaboa gen 3 lol

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Dis something go wrong with SD reset. I thought they were sopposed to give valentine scents now🤔

Not untill weds probley

I got the legend snake already working on now trying to get the unique

I finally encountered two sneks although I don’t have either of them yet. Again the spawn rates are horrible, but hopefully I make myself participate in the tournament even though I’m probably not going to get any DNA.

Can someone from ludia confirm it is intentional that we dont get any snake dna from the snake strike or is this a mistake and will it get added soon?

Ludia you failed again. Event supply drops with legendary dinos were almost non existent. The spawn rate of both snakes is a total joke.