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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Valentine Events Issue (2/16/2021)

Hello DPG Members,

Over this past weekend, our team was made aware of several issues that occurred at the beginning of the Valentine Events:

  • All Valentine Strike Events were giving the incorrect rewards on February 14th, 2021. This issue had been fixed after 11 AM ET and players that completed the Events after the fix should have received the correct rewards. The players that received the incorrect rewards initially have been identified and the correct rewards have been sent to their in-game mailboxes on February 15th, 2021. (Players will have until February 22nd, 2021 4:15 PM ET to collect their reward before it expires.)
  • Valentine ESD Events were not providing Stat Boosts. This issue has been fixed and Valentine ESD Events are distributing Stat Boosts.
    • Some players were experiencing issues when attempting to spin Valentine ESDs which required an app reboot to fix. This issue should no longer occur.
      To immediately address the issue, the Small Common Scent Capsule and Sanctuary Interaction Items have been removed as rewards from the Valentine ESD Events. (Small Common Scents are still rewarded from regular Supply Drops and they will continue to be rewarded alongside Sanctuary Interaction items in the Daily Free Incubator, in the Market.)
    • We are taking measures to prevent this issue from occurring again.

Apologies for this inconvenience, and happy playing!


gonna be a downer here. but honestly, this should’ve been announced before trying to give out compensation. instead the opposite was done and people complained about unfairness.


100% agree with @Qiew


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nothing received. sent also a ticket, but no answer. :sweat_smile:

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Missing issue with unlimited boosts and Irresistible scents from Valentine ESD. After issue was fixed event drops glitched and freeze the game. This issue lasted few hours. So players that sleep during reset time and few hours after reset, basically woke up to find out glitched event drops.

Not to mention 70% of all drops are Valentine ESD after yesterdays reset, while on Saturday barely found any event drops.


You forgot to mention the bug allowed to collect unlimited stat boosts. What about players and spoofers who gathered 200+ each type of boosts? And what about fair players? How will you fix that and compensate?


Same here. I never heard anything back, didn’t receive anything.

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As Tenterro mentioned, you are concealing the unlimited boosts issue.

We have heard reports of people gathering more than an hundred boosts. It’s safe to assume someone spoofing during that time should have gathered an even higher amount.
It’s certain that they could not restrain themselves and went all out in order to maximize so you here have a chance to easily identify some spoofers by looking at the movements logs of people having amassed a large number of boosts during that issue and put strikes on them.

Real question being, does Ludia have the will to do it or not.


I haven’t got ANY incubators in the mail! :sob:

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I long ago made peace with Ludia “fixes” not being “fair” to all players. But from the perspective of a player who did not do the Valentine’s strikes before they were fixed, I won two incs with the correct rewards, while others did them sooner, got two incs with incorrect (but still good) rewards, and were then sent two (or more …) incs with the correct rewards in the mail. Thus, those who did them early ended up with twice the number of gold incs and the extra coins that go along with that in addition to the DNA. It seems to me that it would have more sense for Ludia to just send out compensation incs to everyone. But I also realize that would have resulted in “unfairness” in some players getting 4x the “correct” rewards and thus more of the “good” Rhino/Diplod DNA, and complaints would ensue there too. It’s kind of a no-win situation but I sure do wish I’d woken up earlier and done my strikes before the fix.


Haven’t received mine still. Not a single one incubator. Not wanting to mention those lucky ones who managed to get 4.

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I might be in the minority here, but the Valentine’s event also brought with is horrible, effectively-unplayable lag and choppiness to the point that it’s useless for me to do anything other than arena battles, which remain unaffected.

Has this not been more widespread or am I really one of the lucky few?

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Stops shouldn’t be causing any lag if you run the game on a decent phone, as the map shouldn’t be taking up so much memory that running a larger drop model would cause lag. Although, what device are you running?

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I’ve got an LG Velvet, and prior to this update there was no lag. I only play the game to and from work on my commute (and during the odd virtual meeting…) so I’m usually mobile when I play and lag absolutely destroys mobile hunting. In fact, the phone hasn’t had anything installed in it in probably about 4 months, and it was running absolutely fine until a few days ago when there were hearts everywhere.

Odd, such a high end phone boasting this? I’m kind of shocked. I really don’t know what’s up then, as I have an iPhone SE and it’s running the game perfectly.

My thoughts exactly. And since it only started when the Valentine’s event began, you can see where I put the two together.

Still, if I’m the only one, it may just be an unfortunate coincidence.

I havent receive my free incubators from the ingame mail probably because diffrent timezones

My partner and I run alt accounts on older Samsung devices - they have never been brilliantly fast but the valentine event has significantly slowed down everything map related - seems to spend half the time with the pale blue circle loading the map. So you are not alone.


The same for me …

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Unfortunately this glitch / bug / error is still happening a lot i have had to reboot my game well over 45 times because of it happening, every time i click on one of the valentine treasure chests ( red with love heart on it ) the game instantly freezes and it requires a reboot to get past it or stop it !