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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Valentine Events Issue (2/16/2021)

I stopped communicating with them long time ago, hence why I infrequently ever come here anymore. Ludia has proven they don’t care for the players or the game time and time again. So why should we care enough to communicate with them.

Well, I definitely spoke too soon. Even the arena battling is becoming laggy, choppy, and unresponsive. The other two games I have on this phone still work perfectly, so I sincerely doubt it’s the phone and this all happened when the Valentine’s event dropped…

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It’s time to refresh my 1* rate in play market.
Since they don’t communicate here, let’s tell other people who wants to play this game how developers treat players.


Also I marked a lot of 1* other rates as useful.

For those who were unaware of the criteria for receiving compensation incubators:

On the 14th, untill 11 AM ET all strikes were giving out the wrong rewards. All players who received the wrong rewards were identified and issued compensation.
1 Epic Valentine incubator for each epic tower. (The Diplodocus Strike, The Trial, and the 5 step epic tower)
1 Rare Valentine incubator was issued to those who also completed the small pve challenge.

hope this helps for those who didn’t know why some got more.

some people got 4 epic incubators though. i get it sucks to get the wrong rewards but they should have sent everyone the same thing.

3 wrong incs and 3 right incs for the people that did them before 11 AM and 6 right incs for the people that did them after is a lot more fair than 3 wrong incs and 4 right incs for the earlier people and just 3 right incs for the people that did them after

the incorrect rewards are not worth 4 epic incubators less than the correct rewards.

The distribution of stop types is a DISASTER, who can it take this long to fix that? And how could such a thing pass QA?

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Guys i havent receive my epic incubator from the valentine issue event.

When I saw the notifications I thought it was a reward incubator for the valentines thing too, my sadness was imeasurable and my morning was ruined

So sad and pathetic that loyal players of this bugged game have just resigned ourselves to accept Ludia’s incompetence

Can’t wait was hoping for new dinos but I can wait

First, i want to thank Ludia for listening to us and making a better green drop distribution over the map than last week Lunar Year’s event. I only have to point out that Diplodocus Stryke did not give me diplodocus’ DNA, which disappointed me a lot. Hope this issue will be addressed somehow.

Blurring out your name of something which is publicly available :wink:
I’ll just call you R then.

You’re right though. The whole play store is filled with similar reviews, lots of unhappy people and the same standard response from Ludia.
After 3 years of this, it just seems futile to even bring it up. Nothing will change, GamePress’s letter is completely ignored and a QA department is just something they have never heard of there in Canada.