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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Valentine’s Day Treasure Chase


Hello fellow DPG members,

Ludia has a special Valentine’s Day gift for you! On February 14th you’ll be able to collect a treasure chest every hour to win up to 15,000 Coins through a total of 13 possible treasures! The event will begin at 10 AM EST. Can you feel the Love?!

Ummm it's Thursday
unlisted #2

listed #3


Sweet! Thanks


Thanks ludia


Sweet! Hopefully they’re not the only chests I’m lucky enough to explore tomorrow. Amiright?


This is wonderful


Celebrating a day early not only gets you empty restaurants, but this is an added bonus.
Because she will sure be ignoring me to chase these down :slight_smile:


Thanks ludía but please fix monomimus speed problem because when he fight with indoraptor the indoraptor strike fiesta and that canta be imposible because monomimus has 129 speed and indoraptor 128


Monomimus’ speed is 127…


Ooh wow what a cool inspired event with amazing rewards




Can you feel, the love tonight…


Sweet! I need 250k coins to level some things…


Counted after weekend need like 500k for team only…


Great. Stuck at home with a busted knee and I see this.


Maybe I’ll get one or two… this is more fun when it’s not stretched out over the day. Just dump them all on the map and let us get them WITHOUT HAVING TO DRIVE. :frowning:


Indo raptors speed is lower than it should be. It’s main ingredient is velociraptor which is faster than gallimimus, and faster than Monolophosaurus. Monomimus got a hp nerf because it was too strong and too fast, then it got a speed nerf too. It’s right where it should be. If you want his replacement get procerathomimus!


I just want to laugh at this …

Yo, Indominus Rex’s speed is at 107 … 128 is not lower than it should be.


I personaly hate it.
Not for coins, that ok, but for the way they implemented it…
Currently around me i see 20 suply drop, only 2 are green. I’m scared that boxes will eat those 2 also…