[News] Jurassic World Alive | Valentine’s Event 2022

I don’t think it gives any legendaries

Well we’ll find out

Just the components, but I can check

These were the scents last Valentine’s Day

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If I were you I would hold off on Spino since it’s in the wild but the bear and deer are exclusives.

No unfortunately not

4 Attemps at legend?? At least i like that with the Bear-Deer event again

Btw, where is the poll??

The poll was released weeks ago. It was in game mailbox.

I will dart



Para lux



Me decepciona el juego porque derroto una bendita cabra, me dan aroma de cabra y nunca la vi por ningún lado, al igual pasa con legendarios y únicos, los derrotas y nunca te dan uno, deben ser mmss consecuentes con los jugadores :hot_face:

Translated From Spanish

The game disappoints me because I defeat a blessed goat, they give me the scent of a goat and I never saw it anywhere, the same happens with legendary and unique, you defeat them and they never give you one, they must be consistent with the players

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