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[News] Jurassic World Alive | VIP Issue post Update 1.9

Hello fellow DPG members,


Please note that we have submitted a new version that includes the fix for the issue with VIP membership. This new version is currently live for Android - we are on stand-by for iOS.
This is not a hard update, which means you will need to manually update on your device’s store.

For many iOS players using “Restore Purchases” in the Settings has mitigated this issue. Please note that a new version with a fix for all players (iOS and Android) is currently in the works.

Thank you and our apologies for this inconvenience.

We’ve noticed some reports of players experiencing issues with their VIP after updating to 1.9. Please note that if you’re experiencing this, you have not lost your status. The team is actively investigating this issue and will be keeping you updated as we learn more

Note: If you are experiencing this issue, please contact our support team at

An update is now available on iOS. This is not a hard update, which means you will need to manually update on your device’s store.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Do not like how they changed the amount of life and the amount of damage and The moves on the einiasuchus and the stegaceratops I put a lot of time and money getting those Dinos up to the level that I have them at and now they do not perform nearly as well.


Working fine on iPad , but not on my phone . Keep getting an alert saying my trial membership expired.

Thank you for reaching out - please be sure to contact our support team at Be sure to include as much information as possible (device, OS, ID, etc).

What compensation are you giving out to people who spent 50 extra DNA creating Indo and indom gen 2?

We had to unlock them for 250 instead of 200.


Oh crap. I thought something was fishy when it said 150 for indom and 100 for the rhinos.

Who still has VIP? Lol

Also thought something was off with those fuses. :confused:


For more information regarding the Hybrid fusing DNA issue, refer to the following:


Thank you for communicating about this issue :slight_smile::slight_smile: At least we feel listened to. Thank you

On my android phone it’s showing vip. On my iPad im not a vip. It’s the same account how is this possible??

Mine is the opposite.

Its so weird! The game runs slow in my phone. So at home i use iPad

We didn’t loose our status, but we can’t use it, can we? We get less range, less dna, less coins etc. I hope we get extension on our subscriptions covering what we lost.

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An update to this issue:

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Lost my VIP that I bought yesterday :confused:

I am a vip for JWA and my subscription renews on the 18th. But for whatever reason after the update i am not a VIP and need to pay for my subscription again.

I’m sorry that happened, Dbustos. Could you reach out to our support team here at so our team can assist you? Please make sure to include your support key in your email so our team can find you quicker in their system. Thanks!

I had VIP after the update as I should. Then after I restarted the app it was gone. Now it is back again.

I have VIP on phone. Not iPad. It runs so much better on iPad. I already emailed about it and no response yet. Im losing like 100+dna on every dino i dart

Wish I had this response for my quetza DNA last update. I got a so sorry good luck next time.