[News] Jurassic World Alive - VIP Price Issue Compensation

Hello DPG members!

We’ve been made aware of pricing issues experienced with VIP, and we are working with our partners to resolve it as soon as possible.
Once the issue is resolved, you will be notified about a VIP pricing change through the app store notifications.

Our intention is for VIP pricing to remain at $9.99 USD.
Please note, that we will be identifying the VIP players that were affected and provide them with in-game compensation via in-game mail. This thread will be updated once the details of the compensation mail have been set up.

Thank you for your amazing support and patience.


Compensation Mails have been scheduled to go out August 17, 2021 4:00 PM ET. They will expire August 31, 2021 4:00 PM ET.


Ohhh you dont raise prices after last week?
Wow Big surprice


You can identify those who had VIP issues, but not those who were locked out of the game for a whole week? I apologize, but it seems fishy to me.


Would you be able to do this, but for those locked out during the recent update and make amends individually as well?


Ludia thinks they lost VIP customers due to the pricing? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
They lost VIPs due to all the people being locked out and those that canceled in solidarity with them.

But it makes sense that they will identify those affected since it cuts into their bottom line. Most of those locked out, not so much.


Seriously you really have got your priority’s wrong - have you suddenly forgot all the people who lost out when locked out the game ?

You think this is going to win people back - :rofl::rofl:


People canceled VIP because the community is tired of not being heard, being silenced, etc. Changing the price back won’t bring back (very many) customers. Smh


$9.99 usd is £7.49 for us in the UK it has never been this price so are we expecting a reduction?


“Woops! We accidentally raised the prices” :joy: Do you guys have anything at all under control?


Exactly. My vip price is 11,5$ since beginning after convertion to my currency.

Are you having a laugh Ludia,this most be a joke for sure,so what about the compensation for that week that thousands been lock out of the game,what about those players and now that you are at it,the week that you fail to provide my vip that was pay for from the beginning the month,because I been lock out because,you fail to do your job properly,what about that too……
Because if you think that we gonna forget about,think again,and really hard……


Good decision to reverse the course.

However, what does " We’ve been made aware of pricing issues experienced with VIP " mean? The price increase can only be a serious decision made by you, not that it would happen accidentally, something like players would purchase these extremely expensive and non-refundable incubators with just pocket friction accidentally.


What a bad look. Either Ludia raised prices and saw how many people already unsubscribed knowing this wasn’t going to help anything or they accidentally did it. Which is worse really?

On top of that they can easily figure out who the victims of this are, but there’s no way to do it for the people who were the victims of their poor coding.

Strike 4, 5, and 6. Can’t believe these guys.


Oh. I didn’t cancel VIP due to cost. Could care less about that. It’s the “other” things as the cause. Y’all know the wounds I speak of.


The more stuff that happens, the more I become convinced Ludia is trying to somehow make the entire playerbase quit the game, then having to “backtrack” due to the community’s response and continued gameplay … :sweat_smile:


Nice. Time to resubscribe. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I have canceled the VIP, not because of the price, but because of the poor organization they have, the constant blocking, the bugs and the disconnection of the community, a price change will not make me come back.


People are canceling because of the login compensation though

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Thanks received 250 dino bucks

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That isnt actually that hard
Just scaning the payments and how much they received
While identifying which player was stuck doesn’t exactly show itself