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[News] Jurassic World Alive | We Can Save Them 2021

No one told about something different with sanctuaries

Well actually they mentioned going into the sanctuary in the main post lol. Which I could see how it could be looked at as something to do during the event.

This is mostly a store event though and the 19.99 epic incubator in store is broken also. It doesn’t show epics on rewards.

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Yup let,s hope

I didn’t notice any change in sanctuary?
Anyone could help explain me what is this event all about?

Yeah it’s classic Ludia… they could have simply called this event some extra strikes week. And we would have been like ok cool.

Instead they build up hype around sanctuaries and their doesn’t seem to be much going on with them. They could have atleast be selling fip bundles this week.

They didn’t even bother changing the name of the incubators you get from strikes… their listed as wild carnivore incubators while the store version is called protector.


So only change are some different named strike events and some offers in store no one is interested in because they are still way too expensive???

That’s pretty lame… if that is really the only thing, then they do a poor job at matching communications with normal customer expectations after such announcements…

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that is what I was referring to, but never saw any change with FIPs. Though, it was either good luck or maybe what the plan was all along but fusing dna gave me more than it usually does. Had a lot of 30+ on magna and gem over the past few days.