[News] Jurassic World Alive | We Can Save Them Event

It’s our mission as DPG members to save and protect prehistoric creatures. Let’s celebrate the DPG and creature conservation by participating in special Events, now on the Map and in the Market!

Between March 2nd and March 8th, visit Event Supply Drops to collect these special creatures, or grab them all now in the Showcase Incubator.

These creatures have learned to coexist! Study their cooperative nature in this special Strike Event, and defeat them in battle to win a special reward. Then face off in a trial where your objective is to defeat prehistoric creatures. Win with 2 Fierce creatures by your side for a special reward!

Lastly, don’t forget to collect up to 25,000 coins during the scheduled event with the special themed Treasure Chase.

Let’s get to work!


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I was hoping for a we can save them from being nerfed or irrelevant event so your boosts are no longer useless.


As much as I would like the snake to grow my snake team, I will be going for bumpy as I’m working to slowly get Ankylos Lux. I also would like to have an event with Stygimoloch which I could use more at the moment working toward Ankylos. Anyway, I’ll get Stygi starting next week in my zone along with Troodon so I can work on growing Troodoboa.


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Ima work on raja and bumpy

Btw I have the bumpy hybrid but I want to level it up and take my indoraptor out

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And once I have both indotaurus and Albert I’m gonna take out indom and ankymoloch

I’m a little bummed about Alberto, his speed is lower then most and his attacks are both delayed so I have to use basic before I can do much else, you’d think with how OP some newer Dino’s are he left me wanting more…

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