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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Week of 08/26/2019

Hello fellow DPG members,

Yesterday an error occurred which led to a more valuable prize being featured for a short amount of time in a Scent Strike event. This was rectified in the first 10 minutes of the event and only a small number of players, representing under 1% of our community, managed to claim this.

We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to the very special events we have planned for this long Labor Day weekend…

Stay tuned for more!


Does the event involve fixing the “Cannot pick an attack” bug too?


Of course there’s gonna be special events the one week I can’t play :sob:


Normally you should give everyone this incubator coz this is very crazy and unfair…


That doesn’t address what compensation the rest of us get for not getting that premium incubator! because I’m sure everybody on here would much rather have had the 927 epic DNA and 1500 rare DNA instead of a scent with a guaranteed 1 rare!


This is a lie. People didn’t get their premium incubators rolled back and I know for sure I still haven’t received mine.


Yep, that definitely isn’t true. Whilst I completed the event at 10 past, it still showed that the reward was the premium incubator at about 15 past

  • Special events such as the Canada one also for 1% of users.
  • special events such as the ones many of us couldn’t do because of impossibility to log in.
  • special events such as the ones letting a few % abuse of boost “unlimited” purchases
  • special event such as tournament glitch AI that was abused by another few % without consequences.

I’m tired of special events only available for some special users and not for the rest of the players.

Ha ha ha

Thanks Ludia empathizing so much with us…


Sooo… basically nothing to see here then… and screw the 99% that didn’t claim that


Apology not accepted. Save it for when the update drops because we all know there will be tons of errors that come with it.


Hey ludia has we 99% of your players base didnt get that premium incubator or any other compensation at all at least give us the patch notes for 1.9 so we can get the confirmation of more crap boosts added to it, and could finnally uninstall that great game programmed by useless devs


What kind of special events are you guys planning? In the future, I think we would all prefer more than 3 days notice about special events which we are getting now. WU has a huge fan fest going on now with big weekend events coming up, which they announced more than a month ago…why couldn’t Ludia do the same?


These special events will be held all over the world! One in one alley in Queens, New York, one in the back yard or a Mr. Thomas Burr in St Jean, Q.C, and another in the center of the amazon rainforest.

Events last 10-15 minutes, then prizes change, so make sure you get on it quick.

During this time, you can fight A.I. for trophies and you will be awarded with tons of free in game stuff.

There was going to be one attempt at Tenontorex but that would completely unbalance the arena.

Ludia will provide the cookies*

*(Not really).


No “special event” is going to make anyone who didn’t get the premium incubator feel like things are equal. I wrote support a letter requesting compensation and received an “I’m sorry but we cannot send players additional rewards” reply. This has honestly gone way past ridiculous. I for 1 am 100% done financially supporting Ludia


Thanks @Jorge for keeping us updated and engaged giving us feedback.

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To be honest: why? We got no answer to any of the questions. Just a confirmation that what happened happened. And nothing is done about it except distracting us with more “doozy” announcements.


“Stay trolled” you meant to say, ah?


No, it’s not. “This” refers to the error that led to the additional reward. Like in Office Space - they ‘fixed the glitch’.

nothing was “rectified”. for lack of a better word, sure but nothing was made right or adjusted. its bs…


I read that as they became aware of the error and they fixed it quickly so their issue was rectified. A small few benefited from an erroneous bonus. While it’s not the rectification you wanted (take away DNA/coin from those few or give a free premium incubator to everyone in the game) - the error was rectified.