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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Winter Holiday Event 2019

Prepare for a ho-ho-holly jolly good time!

For the month of December you can find holiday themed gifts! Make sure to go out and unwrap special Winter Chase rewards before this event ends.

Happy Holidays!


If you still own Scents of Claws from last year, please note that the changes detailed below will be effective on December 16th in preparation for the upcoming holidays.



I just opened a box and it had boosts!! So thanks for that! Some more information like what we can expect to get out of the holiday boxes would be super helpful (like last year there was a range of potential prizes). Can we open these once a day, or is there another timer for them? And do the rewards change if we aren’t in the small circle range? Thanks!


I opened one and got dna, boosts, and coins. This is great but can we get a little more context of these chests like is it one chest per day or few hours?


Opened one in the small circle got contents of a blue incubator and 5 attack boosts

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Its says move closer for more rewards if you are outside the small circle; no idea on interval but my total guess would be same as the regular treasure chests - so one every 6 hours - they disappear in the same way.

I just remember last year it was only once a day. Hoping we get some clarification on it soon.

You have a better memory than me :laughing: guess we’ll find out in 5 hours …

I had last years’ rewards in the weekly event article I wrote yesterday so it was fresh in my mind :wink:. I had to go hunt for it here to remember exactly.

I hope it’s not once a day because I opened mine from a distance out of curiosity.


Wonder if VIP makes a difference. 4 not VIP, one VIP. VIP account got better rewards but… may have been lucky.

I’m just disappointed we are even having to speculate about these things. I was really excited to see this event come back as I remember the forum last year around this time and everyone posting when they got the coveted premium inc. We knew exactly what the rewards were for each color box so we had the anticipation of possibly getting the highest “prize”. I’m grateful they brought it back, but would have liked to see a more detailed post about it so we don’t have to assume things (because you know what they say about assuming…).

This just goes back to the communication thing. I was really hoping we would see an improvement with that.


Yep - its even more annoying that they made a thread about it but then failed to actual give us all the info; that’s like:

“Happy Anniversary Darling”
“Aw, you remembered”
“Didn’t bother to get you a present or card though!”


If you click on the “i” you should see how it works. Not that I did it myself. I’ve been getting used to being spoiled after the last events and expected another 25 K collection


mine was for sure and 8 hour incubator. 1667 coins, some boosts, DNA, etc.

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The i button does nothing for me.
I guess it’s supposed to be a “Surprise!” :slight_smile:


I feel like it is probably like the dbi - 8hr for VIP, 3hr for non vip.

That’s what I’ve seen so far.

That is an assumption, though.

i haven’t been VIP for over a year. I don’t give them any money :sweat_smile:
so non-VIP was 8 hr inc

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Oh good that’s encouraging then!!!

The “i” button does absolutely nothing.

I clicked it.