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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Winter Holiday Event 2019

I got an epic incubator

I am in agreement with you on communication. For instance has the woolly mammoth event ended? If so where should we be looking for her now? Or many of the other new dinos that with each update becomes more and more of a hidden agenda.

Agreed; in the long run it doesn’t only hurt us, it hurts them too. Should I be buying and dropping Epic scents trying to get as much Mammoth DNA as possible? If we don’t know what/how events are working in the game, we can’t adjust to them.


Mine seemed like an 8hr incubator, with an extra 2 sets of boosts in it. 3 attack and 5 health. Non vip close range open.

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I sorry but the communication doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. Maybe that should be a new years resolution :wink:. Just under a 1km walk to sit myself on top of the present today, it was equivalent to an 8 hr I guess but I didn’t get 2 lots of boosts, 3x 20 epic dna. I was a little disappointed, hoping for a little more than this especially since there is only one per day. It was a little like opening a secondhand pair of xmas socks and being expected to wear them. But it is a present nonetheless :slight_smile:

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Only for Montreal?

I also got an 8 hour incubator and 1 speed and 2 attack boosts.

As for the mammoth thing they are still out there for today atleast got 1 this morning… and had a proximity spawn a second 20 minutes ago.


Any news on when we can get Megalocerus? :deer:


Thanks for the info Ludia:wink:

I guess the best thing for us to do is start a thread where we post when we see one?

Yeah i mean based on what we know from Ludia if there still spawning 20 minutes ago. Its still spawning for atleast till tomorrow morning.

I agree on the whole communication thing… but best thing we can do is if we see one post it so we know there still spawning.

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Got flagged. Imma do it non caps.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

Oh what fun it is to dart an enormous maxima.

The “i” button didnt give any information.

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Seems similar to last year I got a rare incubator with some boosts at the end

I only saw one in 24 hours? How about you guys?

It is only once a day, that’s why.

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Why todays chests disappear, never claimed it.

EDIT: Drops also moved. In a park where was a chest now is not even a drop anymore.

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You get one per day - changeover is the same as for the towers, etc.

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Saw todays after reset, but didn’t open it, as I was planning to go out soon. Wanted to open it now when I’m out. Had rare tower in range after reset, now I have two small towers. Lost one drop too.

Chest not here… Again a buggy event😩

Got 250 cash in it today, with some boost. Yesterday didn’t pay attention that well but looked like some dna and some boosts or something.

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